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Author's notes - Book 2 - ADDENDUM     [in re LGBT issues]

Okay, I'm a dumbass.  No, really, I am!  As part of the human condition having a keen sense of self awareness would be, in my humble opinion, important maybe?  There are many I know who agree (nolo contendere) in so much as there is no forum here to challenge said statement. 

So, for good or ill, dumbass it is...   :D

To step it up, acute awareness is the knowledge that ignorance is the insurmountable quality to the human condition and the adage the more you know the more you realize you don't know speaks volumes to those of us who are mindful of the fact that for every answer, understanding or question you placate—a dozen or more questions may surface.

Research is like a perpetual in-loop akin to a child driving you bonkers playing the "why" game.  Or maybe even Mario Kart with no checkered flag or finish line to be had—and still with the Blue-Shell stomping your shit out of spite.  However you may look at it, hedge maze or chasing your tail, the search for knowledge is a neverending quest fur sure.

At-issue today...knowledge begets ideas begets intellectual prosperity.

With that in mind let's get something straight—ideas are the currency to intellect and free speech is the marketplace.  Now, having an idea is one thing, and to express it is quite another, and knowing how to convey said idea may or may not be relevant, yet...for one to inhibit that commerce in any way is a motherfucking crime worth my vitriol acid-flecked hate.

What has happened to the left?  I remember the days where you could debate with liberals and the one thing that held true then was—honesty was paramount—facts were king—and truth was not open to an abstract interpretation or bent to political narrative.  As long as all were bound to honesty, and facts were held to standard, then a truth became clearly evident and universal.  If there be a divergence, a split into different or conflicting truths, then that led to a much more interesting exploration into the very foundations of reasoning itself.

On those deep encounters I will not gloat as to who usually won or lost but, suffice it to say, arguments conceptualized on 'good intentions' are by and large the culprit that poisons the well of reason.

In short, the currency I'm doubling-down in this here marketplace is that today's left, that is the trigger-happy, sociopathic-Progressive PC, SJW, 3WF, safe-space, petulant-microagressive, pronoun addled, intellectual decelerants—just so happen to be the very reason there is a renewed interest in this world for Zyklon-B.

A moderate solution to the toxic Nouveau-Fascists posing as liberals.

What I've come to realize as a tragedy of late, is that we're mired in a cultural epoch where Archie Bunker actually makes sense.

Oh, the [Fe]y...


Reading  Rainbow:

I am so glaad that the trepidation felt about the inevitable feedback
we'd get from the LGBT community was unwarranted.  Whew!

What I thought was going to be a positive to negative split of 50-50, or maybe if I were lucky a ratio of 70-30, ended up in a vote of confidence split of 90-10 which surprised the fuck outta me!  I mean, to have an atheist (like mua) leap from their foxhole and shout 'Thank ya Jesus!' says what exactly?  Anyway...

To call out the elephant in the room before we get to the heart of the matter, I'm a CIS-HET (for the gender degenerates) Libertarian leaning, Republican voting, pre alt-right capitalist-hugging pricktard.  Being white and male shouldn't have a bearing but there you have it too.  Oh ya, I'm kinda old so let's add that to the mix.

With all those attributes established I'll have you know that I conceived the jacc in the box universe the way I saw the direction the world will be going and not how I thought the world should be going.

I may be the author and owner of this IP but my personal opinion does not count for shit.  If one is going to write honestly about our collective future then they have no right to impose or interject their own ideas or bias as to a desired state or social construct.

I call it the way I see it.

Funny to note that the vast majority of hostile responses has been from the far right-wing community.  To paraphrase said responses they think I have too much LGBT in the story (where I think I only touched on it) as compared to the small body of negative LGBT respones who say I have not gone far enough to appease/gratify their sensibilites.

In response to both extremes... To the right-wing myopic Christo-centric complainants all I have to offer is a sincere and heartfelt fuck you.  That said, in counterpoint to the negative 10% of the LGBT respondents who think they have a vested interest in LGBT representation, because their personal needs were not met, here's a charitable grow the fuck up!

I don't give a damn about those expectations because I'm not writing a sense8 type IP for them to project onto!  In the mind of J.K. Rowling our beloved Dumbledore is gay, but Sirius Black is not, and for anybody to have an opinion about it, all because their 4F (fan-fic fappage fodder) is not gettin' stoked, then they really need to unfuck themselves.

In a full-press defense of J.K. Rowling, once a character is established they write themselves.  Once the die is cast there is no going back and my sole concern is for me to get the character(s) right.  That is real, complex and dynamic people who do NOT fall into some cartoonishly stereotypical pre-conceived framework or caricature. 

This holds especially true for the Familia Cubanaza who intentionally sport themselves as cartoonish caricatures for show—which is a very difficult tightrope to negotiate!  As ridiculous as this sounds even they, like all the characters here, have foundations in real people that I have known through life with the one exception being...Diego.

Sian Diego is the one character who I have no frame of reference but she has become the most autonomous and demanding of all.  She's the one that I really have no control over, her actions or choices are her own and, to be rational, that makes absolutely no fucking sense.  A writer would understand the paradox but for you non-writers you're probably scratching your heads thinking this guy needs to be on meds

The problem with Diego is that she doesn't fit the mold—she does not fit the stereotypical trans caste of male-imp to fem-bot wannabe!

Blaire White, one of my favorite YouTubers, has an insightful video against children transitioning at an early age.  Yes, she is absolutely correct as it relates to today's world because trans is currently in vogue and even fashionable.  It is a nuke-in-hand for the few who are vying for attention where most honest-to-god transsexuals strive to stay off that radar and simply blend in the best they can. 

The dilemma here is that for esthetics and adaptability the earlier you transition the more successful the results!  Centuries from now one can tie into the neuronet and know proof-positive what that transformation would be and confirm if that would be a preferred state by making direct 'better this way' comparisons as one would in a Ophthalmic chair but we do not have that technological option today.

For now let's dive into this at the end of the series before I stupidly tell you something that should be revealed as the story unfolds.  As a heads up the LGBT discussion of tomorrow will become less about what may constitute as L or G identity but should broach the stickier issue of what is feminine as opposed to masculine—and in counterpoint to flamboyant vs machismo.  So, in taking a break how 'bout we clear the deck...

In our future one's sexuality or partner-preference will be a meaningless concern.  In the jacc in the box world NOBODY GIVES A SHIT!  They do not wear their 'issues' on their sleeve and would collectively mock anyone who sought to draw attention to themself because of it.  In this future, acceptance comes from integrity and strength of character and
not by knowing who you spread your legs for.


Reality Check:

Okay, facts are stubborn things and facts are that the LGBT community
is a very small-small piece of the people pie.  The reported numbers from the CDC-NHIS [Report from 2013] combined is 3.4% and breaks out as:

Gay and Lesbian at 1.6%   (L at 1.5% and G at 1.8%)
Bi at 0.7%   (Bi-Female at 0.9% and Bi-Male at 0.4%)
Trans and Other/Unknown* ranges from 0.9% to 1.1%

* Note that this segment includes the microscopic and militant
  31 Flavors of pronoun-indeterminable acetic-shouty WTF?

These are not even close to what the LGBT Community has suggested
in the past but, to be generious, let's round up to a 96 vs 4% ratio.  The numbers for trans are all over the place, ranging from 0.3% to 0.6% of the population, but the aparant rise in the numbers is all because being or claiming to be trans has become all the rage! 

Now, before y'all get your panties all up in a bunch (ducking for brick) let's take a look at those numbers for just a sec...  The survey by the CDC I have to say is pretty damned accurate as to how people would respond to the survey however, to be frank, I personally believe those numbers are not truly representative.  Since there is nothing scientific to go on I would hedge my bets and pad that by at least 0.2% maybe?

Unfortunately one has to stick to the numbers one is given but, to note, my round up from 3.4 to 4% was way more generous than 0.2.

Putting numbers in perspective 40 out of 1,000 is what you get at 4%, a ratio of 960 to 40, so if you were looking for a voting block of substance 12,400,000 may look good on paper, but in the big scheme of things it's a drop in the bucket all because the LGBT block is herding LGBT cats. 

To illustrate, if you haven't been keeping up on current (2016) events I've been watching on my FB feed a huge contingency of Otters, Wolfs and Bears jumping ship off the HRC-Titanic and making tracks for the now GOP-Trump Train.  Pointing out that the dominance of the DNC, obvious within the ranks of the LGBT, has been virtually annihilated and is a slap in the face to DNC old-heads who've been floundering at the top but, to be honest, it is richly deserved because...history!

I remember back in the early 1990's when the LGBT community was formed as a block and declared itself a, "Force to be reckoned with!"  Now, anybody with a modicum of experience in the L and G cultures know that both are splintered into divisive factions within factions that emphatically distrust each other—and that's before trying to glom them into some political block.  Taking two groups with no love lost between them is one thing but to crowbar the marginalized B and T communities didn't set well with either L or G in the slightest.

With this fragile détente established, and with the magical power of spit, duct tape and bailing wire, they've somehow managed to keep this heard of cats motoring along the DNC path.

It's always been a given that there's an animosity between L and G, yes, but their overt and palpable hatred for the B community is motherfuckin' breathtaking to behold!  We will address the B faction in just a sec but for now it is important to convey to you that the B's have never had a real voice in the block.

The bitter horse-pill to swallow, when you finally break out the numbers and parce them intelligently, is the realization that unless the whole of the LGBT rank-and-file is in lock-step with one another the LGBT block has little voice at the national level.

The LGBT Community (id est political block) will go by the way of the labor unions—a fine idea to start, and it was fun while it lasted.  Don't shoot the messenger but, to go out on a limb, it's the B faction that will eventually explode in numbers just as the relevance of the LGBT block has been extinguished.

Consider it the "give less of a shit" factor...

jacc in the box, for the most part, takes place 300 years in the future and the statistical ratios between L, G, B or T would not be applicable with today's data.  To honestly identify trends in human behavior going forward towards this future with no disease, no unwanted pregnancies, and diminishing societal-religious prohibitions, we had to go backwards for studies that preceded the AIDS epidemic as well as considering the sexual proclivities of ancient cultures such as [Greece] and [Rome].

Our "Rossetta Stone" was in the form of a very obscure study that was conducted in the late 1970's in re the sexual behavior of young adults who went to college as opposed to those who forgoed college.  Way back in '78 choosing to go to college or not was inconsequential, but of primary concern during the disco days was getting laid.

The data, like ratios of Hetro-Folk to Homo-Folk, was almost identical when compared to today's findings.  The frequency and variety of sexual partners was more than triple when compared to post-AIDS numbers and that was no surprise considering the times.  The eye-opener for us was data on what they called "same sex encounters" and this is where the numbers went completely batshit haywire!

Like a Johari Window they split the data between college vs no-college and male vs female relating to behavior before 25 years of age.  There was surprising little difference between urban and rural settings but the social-ecconomic status did push the scale with a +/- 15% differential for some nested datapoints, and here are the overall results:

MALE SSE*        NO-COLLEGE  25%   COLLEGE  75%

Wut?  Where did these numbers come from?  Well, the question was if they had at least one (1) same sex encounter between puberty (12) and the age of 25.  Those conducting the survey indicated that extracting the data was "like pulling teeth" because the participants surveyed did not want to admit to behaviors that were not socially acceptible.  The data collection was via detailed interviews and these results would not have been possible through an impersonal questionaire.

What constituted as a one-count was all over the place.  A count of (1) could be something as simple as a bro-job tradeoff to an affair that could last a whole semester, or 4-6 months for those non-college samples.

The astrisk (*) noted above, what determined a sexual encounter, was different between males and females.  For males an encounter required "active genital contact" where for females that was not necessary or a prerequisite for a tick-mark.  As stated by one interviewee, "The fifteen minute lip-lock with a cute chick is way more rewarding than the quickie in a closet at the company christmas party."

This common thread of makeout sessions between females, and their impact, allowed those experiences to be relevant and counted.

All this flies in the face of the number of declared B or Bi-Folk for both then and today which has consistantly held to less than 1%.  Declaring oneself L, G, B or whatever requries soneone to expressly state for the record, 'Yep, that-there is my kinda category!"

Both straight and not-straight communities have a common mistrust of Bisexuals.  These people are not only shunned by both groups but they are almost universally hated by the G and L factions.  Being told you are 'confusted' or 'don't know what you want' or 'straddling the fence' fails to impart a sense of welcome or acceptance.

Another parting tidbit of data collected from those who had at least one encounter, on the condition of "no negative repercussions" they were asked if they would seek further same sex encounters going forward?
If it's "consequense free" 80% of the respondents said yes.

So, armed with this data, we started compiling a matrix ranging from Straight to Gay/Lesbian.  Factoring in things like health, attractiveness, fitness and physique in a society where one can define and manipulate any of these qualities on demand, then when you toss in no disease, no STDs or unwanted pregnancies—we were absolutely Dumbledore'd by the results!  I mean with my vanilla sensibilities I was shocked!  We had this almost perfectly in-opposition male to female lens curve, with males on the concave side and females on the convex side, and after all this ridiculously tedious effort I came to realize...nobody gives a fuck.

Yes, in the numbers both gay and lesbian hovered around to 4-6% but confirmed straight females dropped to about 6-8% and straight males ended up being pegged at/or around 8-10% and, yes, those ratios of polarity and gray-scale will be incorporated in the series because there really is nothing else to go on but, in the big picture of things...

Nobody gives a fuck!  That is, the future will not give a fuck, I really do not give a fuck and, to be honest, nor should you have a fuck to give but that's not gonna happen.  If there were validity in the numbers and matrix noted above then the straight community would lash out in denial, but in denial from what exactly?  The creeped-out crowd could simply declare they belong to the lofty odd-man out category then STFU and go about their day!  In turn you do not need clairvoyance or a crystal-ball to know that the Gay/Lesbian community would be laughing their asses off if the vast majority of straights were projected to come out of the shadows as 'confused' switchhitting sockpuppets!

So, to wrap this here discussion up in my bestest Billy Ray Bob façade, "If any ya'll take that-thar with a heapin' pinch of salt...here's yur sign."


Progressivo Soup... (2016 current events)

I was hoping to close this fucking page out and get back to work but there is an itty-bitty problem we need to address.  Many times our perceptions and motivations are molded (i.e. inslaved) by whatever political faction or camp one happens to subscribe too. 

See, the Progressive and Social Justice ideals are lofty ones indeed, but the results they desire WILL NOT COME from their movements!  Hate to break it to ya but it will be the evolution of the "consumerist free-market" that will ultimately achieve a pseudo socio-economic equilibrium.

It will not come buy way of force of arms.  It will not come from under a coercive Marxist yoke nor from a collectivist spirit.  It will come and it'll come all for the want of necessity.  By way of stealth it will materialize all because there will not be enough jobs to go around.

It will not be a "socialist" government program per se—in fact for it to work the governments as a whole need to keep their noses out of it!  Now, I'm very much anti-Globalist but for this thing to work it has to be international and require oversight by the IMF and WB...two groups I'm not really thrilled with.  Before you go off saying "no fucken way" it was Richard Nixon (ya ol' Milhous) who porposed it back in the '70s.

The idea that your "job" would be that of a consumer is kind of a tilted mind-fuck when you think about it, but those with an actual job would would be the envy of all—even if flipping burgers.  It's not as complex as one may think but this is not the forum to devil away in the details.  To cut to the chase, in the grand scheme, suffice it to say...business will be business as usual.

"Not to be a Republican at 20 is proof of want of heart, to
 be one at 30 is proof of want of head." - Francois Guisot

What does that mean to you?  Well, to be fair the meaning does not translate from the French to an English/American purpose without some reinterpretation.  Churchill did so with, "Show me a young conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart.  Show me an old liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains."

I wish it was Churchill quoted here because it was definitely his mindset.  That said, it's kinda where we're at now!

Here's a little 411 before I get to the point...  For those undereducated reading this, until the '80's the Republicans, founded on the Abolitionist movement, have always been the "Classical Liberals" that can be best described as Minarchist Libertarians.  By virtue of Yin-Yang contrast the Democrats have always been the party in search of moral-compass.

Read up on the actual history of the Democratic Party...shocking, hu?

Goldwater was nuts-on when he warned us about the Religious Right, a coup that found some traction in 1984 and fruition in '88.  The rise of the Neocons and RINO's followed with the Globalist usurpation of the party.  These have been evil times that have affected both sides of the isle all because the Democrats have long been on that hook. 

The Democrats pulled 'hard to lee' left in '72 with McGovern and haven't looked back, but what chills me to the bone is how the so called liberals have, over the last fifty years, hipster-mutanted into a BORG-collective entrapped in a mass socio-monolithic delusional state.  Where the good intentions trump methodology and approach—outcomes be damned.

The left has become a collective of Cultural Maxist ideologes so look it up and bask away in the hypocricy.  Here's a [funhouse mirror] for ya...

By the historical record the hallmarks of the DNC have always been hate, lies, deceipt, fraud, graft and now you can toss in simple murder because lynching does not set well with the black vote.  The Clinton's and Obama reflect all that is wrong with the DNC and the left.  The press/media has also abandoned the precepts of honesty and integrity and have given this shit-crew and all their minions a free pass—the "don't go to jail card" that allows them to bring the FBI and DOJ to heel.  Anyone who can watch Clinton, Lynch and Comey dish out lie after lie after lie and think that is okay really need to seek a new and better compass.

No, I do not like Trump, but I am voting for the motherfucker!  Trump is
in the exact same boat Reagan was in back in 1980 so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.  If this election means anything it means the high water mark to the Regressive Left and the death knell to the RINOs and globalism.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Remember...evil does not come to you with horns, flames and sulfur scorching the air, nor is it packaged as some churlish blowhard with a spray on tan...  No, this time 'round evil comes to you perfectly coiffed with a bobble-head smile wrapped in a three-piece Prada.

Right-now right-now my little one, Stitch, has the lastest Crossy Road update queued on her Android and that is way more important shit than writing this fucking article.  Do you know who "Flat Eric" is, and is that Led Zepplin he's hopping too? 

Ya, my hearing is shot to hell but while watching Flat Eric hoppin' in-beat across the lanes I've come to the blistering realization that—it is the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine.

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