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Writer's Digest

I've heard that Writer's Digest is pretty damned tough with their critiqe and some of my writing buddies, who have have had dealings with them, described the digest as "brutal" and "monstrously harsh" on a good day. It's just that few of them had a "good day" with the Digest.

With some trepidation I submitted my book to the 19th Annual Self-Published Book Awards half expecting to get savaged and buggered like the prison bitch, but this is what they had to say...



CLICK HERE for the response from Writer's Digest.



Okay, now that was a surprise but it doesn't actually qualify as a review per se.  I am very appreciative of the scoring and critique I got from the Digest, considering the reputation they have, but in all honesty it doesn't mean they liked it.  We must keep our feet on the ground, ya know.

Entering this contest I realized that it would have been nice to have more choices than the one "genre fiction" category.  Yes, the overall outcome would not have been any different, but in a "science fiction" category I'd stand a better chance than going against murder mysteries, fantasy and vampire angst.

So, here I sit waiting for a real review.

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