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the negative stuff

We can't always bathe in the glowing radiance of positive feedback.  It's just not realistic.  So, to be balnaced, let's sample some of the bile...

To start off, the demographics for jacc in the box are right down gender lines.  It's women who almost universally love it where guys have a hard time with it.  Honestly, we guys (myself included) do not like stories that tend to jump around.  We like linear stories—things that our brains can lock-step with.  The first half of this book is admittedly all over the place, and intentionally so, and the story falls together at mid point.

Guys tend to drop off about a third of the way in...

Bill S.
"I just couldn't get into it."

Michael A.
"It seems okay, but I just can't follow along."

Richard W.
"I had to keep going back and read over parts because you
 were making me remember shit that didn't seem important
 at the time."

Fair enough, and expected since I know of only a handful of guys who finished it.  Richard (quoted above) was one, and liked it in the end, but qualified that by saying, "Maybe you'll do better next time?"

Richard liked the second half but did not like the first half at all, but how about someone who couldn't get past page three...

"This book is gay!  The author should be gassed with all
 the other faggots."

Wow, that was unexpected.  What was also unexpected was my first "readers review" on Amazon.  You see, to me a work has to ride on its own merits, and with all the people who read it and liked it (both friends and strangers) you'd think that just one would take the time to do an Amazon review.  Here's the first one...

SciFi Mama...
"This may be the worst sci fi I have ever read.  Mr. Baum
 clearly tries to amaze us all with his brilliance, yet the
 book is a waste of time.  Life is too short.  Pass this
 one by."

A friend of mine pointed out to me that contrary statements tend to lose their import.  That leaves us wondering if the statement above is actualy a critiqe or a personal condemnation.  Considering that my friend jumped on my computer and gave her own review in counterpoint to SciFi Mama, under my login, kinda made a mess of things. 

To my friend it was a personal attack but to me it just left me scratching my head wondering, "Hu?"  Look, SciFi Mama, if you're gonna take the time to do a review, and it's negative, then by all means please take a look at Zero Punctuation for a few pointers.

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