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the positive stuff

There's something suspect or disingenuous about people you know who give you positive feedback on something you did like writing a book.  I'll say that only two of the people on this page are people that I personally know.  Misty loathes scifi and my vocabulary (I refer to forks, knives and spoons as flatware and she thinks it makes me sound gay) but she did love the characters and the story line which redeemed it for her.  As for J.Jae she did admit that she liked the screenplay better because it was faster paced and was focused on action—not relationships.

I did get a lot of positive feedback and critique, and strangely enough it was all from women.  I'll address this on the negative stuff.

Misty V...
"A surprising vision!  Its underlining themes are not only
 plausible but probable.  I love it!"

I actually talked to Misty and she said to me that all the issues brought up in the book re politics, technology, social norms and sexuality were right on the money.  Totally believable to her.

J.Jae R...
"I thought it was awesome!  Tough-powerful women with
 attitude and guns!  Wow, they remind me of me!"

J.Jae is an ex Pinal County sheriff and a competative shooter.  One of the drawing factors for women are the tough women characters.  This lady is wicked tough and one hell of a shot!

Shelly G...
"The character development was wonderful and had the
 right amount of depth...  I adore Jessica and how her
 relationship with her father evolves...  Also, that was the
 most incredible air-to-air combat sequence I have ever
 read!  I love this book!"

Thank you!

Judy L...
"I loved it!  The women in your book are beyond tough.
 I mean, they'd have to be like androids to be real!"

When I signed Judy's copy of the book I told her that all of the women characters were patterned after real women in my life.  I have an affinity for strong and independent women and I believe that it shows.  I also have the scars (emotional and physical) to prove it!

Judy then adds...
"I enjoyed how it was written—it's more like being told a
 story rather than reading one.  It's perfect for a movie!"

Funny thing Judy said that.  The book started as a screenplay and was offered six-figures.  I turned it down to write the book so I could continue to own the license.  Hum, considering how this is all playing out maybe I chose wrong?

Kelly S...
"You know, I can't believe I'm saying this but...scifi has
 finally come of age."

Too high of praise, and WAY over the top, but I though it would be a kick to post that comment here just for the giggle factor.  Then again, if there is any credibility as to what Kelly S. said then I can say, with sincerity, it's not because of the writing.

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