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Youtube... music and stuff

Below are some links to Youtube of sounds and music that are mentioned in the story or may relate to it. 

Music Queue  specifically referenced in the books...

PART 01 - saltare cm diablo

•  Psalm 69 (NWO and Jesus Built My Hotrod) - Ministry
    When I mentioned "techno-metal" this is what I had in
    mind.  They call it "industrial" now but no matter what
    it's called I just could not get into it back in the day.  In
    a recent turn of events it's my most frequented Pandora
    station.  I'm listening to [White Zombie] for fuck's sake!
    What in the hell happened to me?

•  Time Warp - Richard O'Brien
    Yes-yes-yes it is in the first book!  Rocky Horror is
    something that is not gonna go away.  If people get a
    bit sloshed and someone puts on the Time Warp then
    people are gonna go to warp speed!  That's the beauty
    of getting stupid drunk and I say that from experience.

•  The Buzzard Was Their Friend - Dan Hicks
    I've been forever waiting for Les Claypool to do a cover
    of this song.  I had some friends do a cover very much
    like this one and it kicked ass.  They had an extended
    bass solo and I would love to get a copy of that.  And if
    Steve and Kathy are listening...I WANT!

•  Bolero - Ravel, interpreted by Arturo Toscanini (1939)
    Toscanini kicks Bolero in the ass and shaves almost
    3 minutes off the original which makes it NOT boring. 
    When "10" came out ('79) everyone wanted to fuck to
    Bolero and I wondered why?  Stairway to Heaven was
    way better suited for that endeavor.  Anyway, I'm a fan
    of traditional Bolero so [click here] if you want to watch
    the least uptight version I've heard in quite awhile.  You
    can see and feel the joy in the conductor and it makes
    a huge difference to those in the pit.

PART 02 - pearls before swine
•  Goreki - Symphony No.3 - 2nd Movement
    Known as the "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs" this
    version was filmed in Auschwitz or [click here] if you
    want to watch the "wrist slashing" version.  Honestly,
    this is the one piece of music that brings me to tears
    because it is both sad and uplifting.

•  Hej Sokoly - performed by Ludowa Piosenka
    What can you say about something as infinitly timeless
    as Hej Sokoly?  This version is probably the most child
    like interpretation and most likely what would be heard if
    this were performed by a thousand children - and I'll just
    leave that to your imagination.

•  1seventy8 - Adle & Zalem
    The Didgeridoo contest in the book is very much like
    listening to these two from France where the Didg has
    become crazy popular.  If you like then [click here] to
    watch the 2014 Didg to Didg blowout in Grenoble.

•  Fists of Fury - Liquid Stranger (Noisitron woob mix)
    Okay, this link is to SoundCloud.  I do the dubstep
    thing once and awhile - but it's gotta make my face
    melt or it ain't worth my time.  I can't pinpoint where
    in the book because making references to it really
    broke the flow so I'll just add it here.  If its optioned
    you'll then get to see where it queues up.

PART 03 - diet of worms
•  Tight Spin - Ozric Tentacles
    I wanted to post this here because this band is the
    bomb.  I saw them live in 2006 and ever since I have
    picked up everything they pressed.  Pure music for
    for its own sake and it's aMAziNg to hear for once.
    [Click here] for Plant Music or [here] for a little bite
    of Chewier just to get started!

•  Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangels
    What I like or don't like is irrelevant—it's about what
    the characters like. People act stupid when this song
    is played and I just have to bow to the inevitable.  It's
    odd that I now look back at things I once hated with a
    nostalgic reverence.

•  Guccie Coochie - Die Antwoord
    This Zuid-Afrika group has become one of my secret
    little pleasures.  This song is a hybrid between rave
    and dance and if I were to use it in a film I'd mix the
    shit outta it...that didn't sound right, Ninja. Sorry...

•  Gangnam Style - Psy
    Shit serious, I got to add this one too!  Just when I
    thought I made a clean gettaway from the dance shit
    and Psy pops in to up fuck my day!  Another one of
    those god-damned pop videos that everyone will love
    way into this millennium.

•  Maori Wedding Haka - New Zeland
    Some cultures music and traditions can throw you for
    a loop and the Maori top that list.  When you find out
    what a Haka is about it is both shocking and beautiful.
    There are a lot of Hakas on the Tubes but the wedding
    hakas come out best sound wise.  Or [click here] and
    queue up to 1:28 to try another one.

PART 04 - deus ex machina
•  Puro Flamenco - Buleria (Spain)
    This is a fabulous vid.  There's a connection between
    Mariachi and this and, in a few centuries I'm banking
    there is more of a melding of the styles.

•   Flamenco Dance - Celina Zambon
    In one word...yikes!  That said, it piques my curiosity
    what our Cubanaza Damas would do to this.  I think
    hot laced with zany would be about right.

•  Mozart Violin Concerto 3 - Stuttgart Radio Symphony
    I used to be a classical music snob but the problem is
    nobody likes a snob.  I can just imagine how a daring
    Mariachi band could pull this off and I would love it!

•  Waltz of the Flowers - Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan
    Ask and ye shall receive they say!  I would amp
    the tempo up just a tad but damn these cats get it
    right!  No, I am not a fan of Mariachi but I do love to
    hear it when it's live.  Admittedly, this version is fun.

•  Little Fugue in G minor - Bach / Virgil Fox
    I had this vinal back when I was a kid in the '70s and
    we wore it out and had to replace it once.  I thought
    Virgil Fox was a god back then, and rightly so.

•  Spacedrum - Yuki Koshimoto
    Here is an example where primative music is just
    georgeous.  I think pretty much everything she's put
    on youtube I like.  [Click here] if you want to see the
    soft version of Spacedrum.

Videos of Interest  if you got the time...

•  A10 Warthog Gun Runs (Iraq)
•  A10 Warthog Strafing/Bombing Runs
•  A10 Warthog "Happy Brrrt Day Special"
•  JDAM Explosion Compilation for 2015
•  Uncut Explosion Compilation for 2016
    Here are examples where sound does NOT follow the
    visual queues.  This is the most frustrating thing about
    watching movies because it takes over 4 seconds for
    sound and shockwaves to travel a mile in air so how
    'bout you GET IT RIGHT FOR ONCE!

•  Wicked Flybys (airshow, Iraq and Afganistan)
    Notice the sound and the vapor chines flashing over
    the fighters on the supersonic flybys. 

•   Top 15 unbelieveable maneuvers at low level flight!
    Just some nice footage

•  The Universe 210 - Constellations
    If you don't know anything about astronomy this is
    a good place to start learnin' yourself somethin'. It's
    44 minutes long so make the time if you can.

Sounds of space  and this stuff is pretty crazy...

•  NASA Sounds from the Sun

•  NASA Sounds from Mercury

•  NASA Sounds from Venus

•  NASA Song of the Earth

•  NASA Sounds from Mars

•  Voyager Sounds from Jupiter

•  Voyager Sounds from Io

•  Voyager Sounds from Saturn

•  Voyager Sounds from Saturn's Rings

•  Voyager Sounds from Uranus

•  Voyager Sounds from Miranda

•  Voyager Sounds from Neptune

•  NASA Sounds from Pluto*
   *This one is a fictional interpretation.

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