jacc in the box  -  free!

Okay, the economy has totally tanked and nobody has the green
to fork out $15.99 for a book.  The concept of "disposable income"
is truly an anachronism in the current state of our economy.  Call
it a recession, or depression, or try this pathetically annoying spin
"extended down-turn in the market" to further turn your stomach.

Don't freak at this, but maybe Ron Paul was right?  Yeeesh!  Makes
me shiver to the bone, but it should give you cause for pause.

Like myself, many of you can't afford simple things (i.e. necessities)
so in the spirit of "the long tail" (Chris Anderson of WIRED) to create
buzz we're going to give this damned thing away for free!

Don't ya just love them apples!


WHOLE BOOK:  PART 01 - saltare cm diablo  -  in pdf

WHOLE BOOK:  PART 02 - peals before swine  -  in pdf

SAMPLE FROM:  PART 03 - diet of worms  -  in pdf

     NOTE: As an alternative you can go to the [Chapter index] page and
                  pull individual chapters la carte for PARTS 01 and 02.


Just click on the download links (above) and save it to your desktop!

Now, like many of us, while you are waiting for your creditors and the
IRS to climb up your ass like a gerbil the size of a Buick, you'll have
something to pass the time that didn't cost you a dime!

And if you do have money to piss away - don't be a cheap bastard!
Go back and order it from Amazon!  Printed text is a far-far better
technology than PDF to read a book.  D'uh.

NOTE:  As a heads up we intend to keep it all free for the now but if an option
             is picked up that may change.

copyright © nicholas ralph baum - all rights reserved