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Most of the images you are going to pull down were originally drawn on   a Windows 3.1 machine (486) with MS-Paint.  No joke!  That POS was the only thing we had to work with on a PC back in '95.  It was a might easier with a 133 MHz machine, then the 166, but they all ran like pigs and cRaShEd incessantly!

     CAPITAL —————————————————————

Trung Class Battle Platform (SA36 - Iron Maiden)

Mbande Class BP (AKA: The Kid Buu Wrecking Crew)
Co-op WECG "Wedge" Cruisers (SCC-SS)
Augustus Class Battle Station (with Book 6 update)

Caligula / Titus Class Stations (with Book 6 update)

       Battle Platform Lineup by Book (Book 1 thru Book 4)

       Battle Platform Lineup by Book (Book 5 and beyond)

     FIGHTERS —————————————————————

ASF47 bis / bisE / bisE+  Thunderbolt IV (SA, RU-VVS)

ASF74 - Thunderbird (SA, RU-VVS)
F308 g/f/h - Bulldog (USAF, USN/USMC, RAF, RAAF)

F308 j/k/m/o/mb - Cwn Dawg / Grigori (SA Ghost Droids)

F308 x / xb - Xolo / Xeno   CivX Interceptor-Recon (CXi)
F380 - Cerberus / Cerberus-Dip (SA, USMC, PADF)
IR5 - Kali   Intercepter-Recon (SCC-SS)
F51 c/d/e/a - Gryphon series (SCC-SS)

F51 d2/g - Gryphon-FINAL (SA build for SS)

F40g - Cottonmouth (SA, SCC-SS)

       Fighter Comparison by Intro     Comparison by Size

       Missiles!  Missiles! mutherlovin' Missiles! (SA, USMC, SCC)

     TRANSPORTS ———————————————————

HWG99 - Razorback  "Slick"  Drop Ships (SA)

HWG99 - Razorback  "Warthog"  Gun Ships (SA)

HWG99 - Razorback  CivX - S3 Drop Ships (CXi)

HWG101 - Razorback  a2 / b / a4 "Fastbacks" (SA)

HWG98 - Razorback  "Cob Roller"  Transports (SA)
HWG83 - Javalina Drop Ships (SCC-SS - prev SA)

HWG41 - Dragonfly LT / OG / GT (pre-war transports)
Trident Star Clipper - Naboo / Qantas / Air Force One

     OTHER ——————————————————————

JACC Fighting Suit (3 weapons load configurations)
Book Cover Art (three versions)
Image Grab Bag


You want to know how tough MS-Paint can be?  Around 1999 we took a
a stab at an on-line cartoon strip called "Guiedo the Enforcer" and I am here to tell you it was insanely difficult.  I killed the idea after only two episodes and wanted to finish the other twenty-some we planned when we could get an Apple or PCs got good enough.  The characters will be featured as mascots for SA14 and SA36 in the sequal.

Guiedo the Enforcer - In the beginning

Guiedo the Enforcer - Poetry class of '67


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