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The book and all content here on this webpage is free in PDF format
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page with the latest chapter as we go.  Please note that this IP is not
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     STUFF ————————————————————————

Chapters  la carte  -  as posted in social media - html / pdf

       Chapter Matrix  -  the boring text index - html / pdf

Glossary of terms and phrases - html

ASCII sub-chapter breaks - html

       ASCII Interpreter - executable

Table of Organization - Ranks

Star Maps  (Taurus and apn-Pup)

Orbits!  Orbits! mutherlovin' Orbits!

SCAB and other fun places!

Alpha Orion - Nova Shot

Character Matrix and Index

Calender  -  timeline in xlsx

     EXTRAS ————————

Reviews - html

Links - html

Youtube - html

About the author - html

Author's notes - PART 01 - html

Author's notes - PART 02 - html

Author's notes - PART 03 - html

Author's notes - PART 04 - html

Author's notes - PART 05 - html

Science from the Soap Box - html

     DOWNLOADS ————————————————

WHOLE BOOK:  PART 01 - saltare cm diablo  -  pdf

WHOLE BOOK:  PART 02 - pearls before swine  -  pdf

WHOLE BOOK:  PART 03 - diet of worms  -  pdf

WHOLE BOOK:  PART 04 - deus ex machina  -  pdf

WHOLE BOOK:  PART 05 - violent delights  -  pdf

SAMPLE FROM:  PART 06 - until peace and then  -  pdf

      *  Placemarks here are approximate locators for reference only.

     NOTE: As an alternative you can go to the [Chapter index] page and
                  pull individual chapters la carte for PARTS 01 and 02.

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