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Here are a few things that may interest you.  I added the gaming links because when ya'll need a break from writing there's nothing better than the catharsis of blowing shit up.

Astronomy sites  for the star watching connoisseur...

•  Astronomy Magazine

•  NASA Image Gallery

•  Astronomy Picture of the Day - Archive

•  Backyard Astronomy Basics

•  AAA - Astronomy Resources for Kids!
    (Thank you, Connor!)

Astronomy software  free and killer aps...

•  Celestia  (for navigating the local group)

•  Stellarium  (for the local solar system)

•  Space Engine  (universe simulator)

•  Universe Sandbox  (to blow shit up!)
    (it costs but it's worth it!)

Nukemap  because nukemap...

•  Nukemap  (this is the non 3D app)

•  Nukemap Classic  (to go full retard)

Reference sites  ligit and otherwise...

•  dictionary.com  (includes a thesaurus)

•  The Phrase Finder  (the name speaks for itself)

•  Urban Dictionary  (cultural reference site for terms)

•  Internet Slang  (to figure out the really stupid shit)

•  Know Your Meme  (cultural reference site for memes)

•  4 Chan  (home of anonymous and /b/ the ass-hole of the internet)

Gaming sites  for on-line mayhem...  (it's how my son and I bond)

•  Steam  (on-line content delivery system from VALVe)

•  Zero Punctuation  (game review site that's worth your while)

•  Extra Credits  (fun and intelligent analysis of games industry)

•  Team Fortress 2  (best on-line FPS ever made...and it's free!)

•  SOLDAT  (best 2D side-scroll on-line shooter...and it's free!)

Social networks  are all the rage but for what exactly?

•  Facebook   (I log on about maybe once a week)

•  Minds   (This is new and way better than FB!)

•  Twitter   (ADHD central)

•  Google+   (TBD)

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