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Reviews and Opinions

Nope, I haven't gotten any reviews just yet.  The problem here is that the literary industry is full of snobs and actual reviews only go for books that come from old-school publishers.  I can't say that I blame them.  Most independently published books are so bad—so dreadfully awful—that it begs to be asked if any of them had the benefit of the editorial process at all during development? 

In actuallity it has nothing to do about the "snob factor" but everything to do about wading through bullshit!  Even in the standard publishing circles there are soooo many books that go to print that suck—nobody wants to waste their time on the litany of independently published Thalidomide babies born out of the Print-On-Demand business model.

So here I sit, with dick in hand, wondering where I go from here?  I'll tell you where, we'll go to the readers and hear what they have to say...but first lets look at what the Writer's Digest dished out:

Writer's Digest...


That was a surprise!  Now, for good or bad, here are the readers:

the positive stuff...

the negative stuff...


One of the comments by some of the positive readers as well as the Writer's Digest was that there was too much description.  In contrast other readers said they wanted even more detail.  One über geek in particular suggested another 200 pages of technical stuff and he was very specific about what he wanted to see.  We went round and round
on his pain points but in the end my stand was that I only put in those things that were absolutely necessary and he didn't like that response.

Obviously it's a losing proposition trying to please everybody so I won't even try.  I promise to keep the minutia to a minimum.


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