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Battke Platform Lineup


Table:   PB SYLNb Profile Links




Table 3.   PB SYLNb Profile Links

SA codeorig nameAI name (links)info
SAC3Spike-C3GladosFictional evil AI appearing in the Portal video games series
SACNAugustusCarrie NationRadical leader of the temperance movement
SAMHTiberiusMata HariExotic dancer, courtesan and convicted German spy in WWI
SALBCaligulaLizzie Bordon Woman tried for the axe murders of her father and stepmother
SAAOClaudiusAnnie OakleyAmerican sharpshooter and exhibition shooter
SAMWNeroMae WestAmerican sex symbol, comedian and entertainer
SA14 - 82     Iron ManGrace O'Malley16th Century Pirate Queen know as "Sea Queen of Connaught"
SA15Phoenix-Marauder     Kim CampbellA10 combat pilot known as the "Killer Chick"
SA16 - 75ZapataZac K'ukMayan queen (aka Sak) and believed to be "The Red Queen"
SA17DanteMatilde di CanossaItallian warrior princess and Pope bodyguard
SA18 - 72RasputinLydia LitvyakRussian combat pilot and highest scoring woman fighter ace
SA19 - 78VladElizabeth BathoryPsycho known as the "Blood Countess of Transylvania"
SA20XerxesTomyris MassagetaeWarrior-queen of the Massegetae (now Iran)
SA21 - 77GodzillaJingu KogoJapanese warrior Empress know as "Empress consort Jingu"
SA22 - 80FrankensteinCaterina SforzaCountess who dominated 15th century Italy
SA23 - 81DaishiHangaku GozenJapanese Jo female Samaurai also known as "Itagaki"
SA24 - 73MegatronMai BhagoSikh warrior woman who battled the Mughals
SA25ApacheGouyenApache woman who sought vengence against her husband's killers
SA26BasiliskHua MulanLegendary Chinese woman warrior who posed as a man
SA27 - 74Devil AniseJulie D'AudignyBi-French Opera Singer and Duelist
SA28 - 76MinotaurMary FieldsStagecoach driver and mail carrier from old west
SA29HannibalTamar BagrationiMurderous Queen of Georgia in 1178 known as "Queen of Kings"
SA30 - 71Sawney BeaneNzinga MbandeBlood-drinking African warrior Queen from 17th Century Angola
SA31 - 79LokiNancy WakeWWII agent and resistance fighter known as "White Mouse"
SA32TamerlaneKhawala bint Al-Azwar     Warrior from Islamic conquest - Iran
SA33PandemoneumMilunka SavicSerbian and most decorated woman sholdier in WW1
SA34Trac (destroyed)Trung TracOlder of Viet sister pair who fought against the Chinese
SA35Nhi (destroyed)Trung NhiYounger of Viet sister pair who fought against the Chinese
SA36Iron MaidenPhung Thi ChinhWoman general who fought with the Trung sisters

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