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Battle Platform Lineup (Book 5 and Beyond)

Table (bottom of page) PB SYLNb Profile Links...



Table — PB SYLNb Profile Links

SA code     SA class type         SA AI name (links)character info
SAC3Spike   C3GladosFictional evil AI appearing in the Portal video games series
SACNAugustus   HPO 1Carrie NationRadical leader of the temperance movement
SAMHAugustus   HPO 2Mata HariExotic dancer, courtesan and convicted German spy in WWI
SABSAugustus   HPO 6Belle Starr  (book 6)Criminal, rustler, gun fighter and Outlaw Queen of the old west.
SA36Trung Class     Phung Thi Chinh  (Iron Maiden)   Woman general who fought with the Trung sisters
SA71Mbande ClassNzinga MbandeBlood-drinking African warrior Queen from 17th Century Angola
SA72Mbande ClassLydia LitvyakRussian combat pilot and highest scoring woman fighter ace
SA73Mbande ClassMai BhagoSikh warrior woman who battled the Mughals
SA74Mbande ClassJulie d'AudignyBi-French Opera Singer and Duelist
SA75Mbande ClassZac K'ukMayan queen (aka Sak) and believed to be "The Red Queen"
SA76Mbande ClassMary Fields . . . . . . . . . . . . .Stagecoach driver and mail carrier from old west
SA77Mbande ClassJingu KogoJapanese warrior Empress know as "Empress consort Jingu"
SA78Mbande ClassElizabeth BathoryPsycho known as the "Blood Countess of Transylvania"
SA79Mbande ClassNancy WakeWWII agent and resistance fighter known as "White Mouse"
SA80Mbande ClassCaterina SforzaCountess who dominated 15th century Italy
SA81Mbande ClassHangaku GozenJapanese Jo female Samaurai also known as "Itagaki"
SA82Mbande ClassGrace O'Malley . . . . . . . . . .16th Century Pirate Queen know as "Sea Queen of Connaught"
SA83Mbande ClassTamar BagrationiMurderous Queen of Georgia in 1178 known as "Queen of Kings"
SA84Mbande ClassTomyris MassagetaeWarrior-queen of the Massegetae (now Iran)
SA85Mbande ClassKhawlah bint Al-Azwar     Warrior from Islamic conquest - Iran
SA86Mbande ClassGouyen ChiricahuaApache woman who sought vengence against her husband's killers
SA87Mbande ClassMatilde di CanossaItallian warrior princess and Pope bodyguard
SA88Mbande ClassHua Mulan . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Legendary Chinese woman warrior who posed as a man
SA89Trung ClassMilunka SavicSerbian and most decorated woman sholdier in WW1
SA90Trung ClassKim CampbellA10 combat pilot known as the "Killer Chick"
SA91Trung ClassTrung TracOlder of Viet sister pair who fought against the Chinese
SA92Trung ClassTrung NhiYounger of Viet sister pair who fought against the Chinese
SA93Trung ClassBlenda SmalandSwedish heroine who led women of Varend against the Danish
SA94Trung ClassLocusta de Gaul . . . . . . . . .Notorious assassin in Rome whose specialty was poison
SA95Trung ClassKhutulun lin ger OgedeiMongol noblewoman, superb warrior and famous wrestler
SA96Trung ClassArtemisia tou CariaGreek Queen, naval commander and and ally of Xerxes I
SA97Trung ClassSeptima ZenobiaPalmyrene Queen who invaded the Eastern Roman Empire
SA98Trung ClassBoudica IceniBritish-Celtic Queen who led uprising against the Romans
SA99Trung ClassFreydis EiriksdottirTreacherous Viking princess and explorer of the Vinlands
CXi code     CXi ship nameCXi AI name (links)character info
CXLBTitus   HPO 3Lizzie Bordon Woman tried for the axe murders of her father and stepmother
CXAOTitus   HPO 4Annie OakleyAmerican sharpshooter and exhibition shooter
CXMWTitus   HPO 5Mae WestAmerican sex symbol, comedian and entertainer
CXABTitus   HPO 7Anne Bonny  (book 6)Irish Pirate from the Caribbean.
CXMRTitus   HPO 8Mary Read  (book 6)English Pirate and assoicate of Anne Bonny
US101EnterpriseNyota Uhura. . . . . . . . . . . . .Character from the original Star Trek television series
US102WilloughbyClaudia Willoughby *Fifty-Eighth President of the United States
RU103KurskAleksandra SamusenkoSoviet tanker KIA from WWII
RU104OmskMariya DolinaSoviet dive bomber pilot from WWII (Hero of SU)
UK105TrafalgarEmma, Lady HamiltonMistress of Lord Horatio Nelson
NK106PrimaPrima  (Alpha) *Supreme Leader of the Nefer Key preceding Luc
FR107ChamplainHelene Boulle. . . . . . . . . . . .Wife of Lord Samuel de Champlain
CN108HaikouChing ShihFemale pirate leader of Guangdong Pirate Confederation
JP109KagaHimiko of Yamatai-kokuThe Shamaness-Queen of Yamatai-koku in Wa-koku
AU110NewCastleMaude BonneyRecord setting pilot from Australia
BR111AmazonasChica da SilvaMixed/black ex slave who climbed the cultural ladder in Brazil
NO112TryggvasonTyra HaraldsdatterTyra of Denmark was Olof Tryggvason's last wife
PL113CopernicusAnna Schilling . . . . . . . . . . .Housekeeper and mistress of Copernicus
CZ114ZizkaKaterina Bohem *Wife of Jan Zizka
DE115BismarckJohanna von PuttkamerWife of Otto von Bismarck
NK116MarcusPrima  (wife) *Beloved Wife of Marcus Cnaeus Septimus
RU117PutinRoza ShaninaLethal Soviet sniper KIA from WWII
US118ReaganNancy DavisMovie starlet and wife of Ronald Reagan
US119RooseveltAlice Hathaway Lee . . . . . .First wife of Theodore Roosevelt
CA120TrudeauMargaret SinclairEx-wife and confidant of Pierre Trudeau
MX121ZaragozaRafaela Padilla de la GarzaWife of Ignacio Zaragoza
SE122GustafSilvia Renate SommerlathQueen of Sweden
AR123San MartinRemedios de EscaladaWife of Jose de San Martin
IN124PatelJhaverben PatelYoung wife of Vallabhbhai Patel
NL125RuyterMaayke Velders . . . . . . . . .First wife of Michiel de Ruyter
NK126LilithLilith  (Tribune) *First Nefer Key 4-Star General after Maat.
IL127MeirGolda MabovitchCelebrated fourth Prime Minister of Israel as Golda Meir.
CN128Wu ZetianWu MeiArt name to Empress Wu Zetian, who was aka Zhao
UK129Queen ElizabethElizabeth of YorkElizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth
RU130Pyotr VelikiyMartha SkavronskayaConsort to Peter the Great, becoming Catherine I of Russia.
US131TrumpMelania Knauss. . . . . . . . . .Wife and First Lady to Donald Trump.
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