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Glossary of terms and phrases

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      Entries from  Book 01 - saltare cüm diablo      260
      Entries from  Book 02 - pearls before swine132
      Entries from  Book 03 - diet of worms145
      Entries from  Book 04 - sunk cost fallacy140
      Entries from  Book 05 - violent delights196
      Entries from  Book 06 - until peace and then   47

_______________________________________________________[ 27 ]
1   (military)
Indicates flight leader when a call sign precedes it (e.g. Vader-1)

1k-kg   or   KGE   (yield abreviation)
Micronuke notation for "one-thousand - kilograms" in weapon yeild.
NOTE:  Warhead identical to the SA/SCC "wonton" grenade indicating
             one metric tonne or 2,205 lbs in explosive force.

2.73   (fictional-military)
SA hyper-velocity rail gun bolt in 2.73 x 19 millimeters.

3.31   (fictional-military)
Co-op hyper-velocity rail gun sabot-round in 3.33 millimeter "mini-ball" also referred to as Sputnik(s) because they trail four wires in like.

4.16   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC-
SA hyper-velocity rail gun bolt in 4.16 x 19 millimeters upgrade from the 2.73 bolts.

4.54   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC-
Co-op hyper-velocity rail gun sabot-round in 4.54 millimeter "mini-ball" upgrade from the 3.33 Sputnik sabot-rounds.

4.58   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC- -MIMIC-
Co-op hyper-velocity rail gun bolt in 4.58 x 19 millimeters upgrade from the 3.33 Sputnik sabot-rounds.  NOTE that Security Services weapons for this are interchangeable with the 4.54 Sputnik rounds.

4.75   (fictional-military)
SA hyper-velocity rail gun bolt in 4.75 x 19/28/60 millimeters.

5.77   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC-
SA hyper-velocity rail gun bolt in 5.77 x 19/28/60 millimeters upgrade from the 4.75 bolts.

6   (military)
Indicates field commander when a call sign precedes it (e.g. Vader-6)

6.8   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC-
SA hyper-velocity experimental rail gun bolt in 6.8 x 30/60 millimeters deferred to the 5.77 bolts.  Not adopted for active service the weapons developed (BR1-K) are issued to base and embassy defense ops.

7.62   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC-
RU universal hyper-velocity rail gun bolt in 7.62 x 39/54 millimeters used primarily for air to air cannon.  The SA has deferred to the 8.80 bolts for both the BR1-M2 hand held and the ASF-47bisE.

8.80   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC- -MIMIC-
SA hyper-velocity rail gun bolt in 8.80 x 30/60 millimeters upgrade from the 6.8 experimental bolts.  Also know as the "eighty-eight" it bypassed the 30-Cal (7.62) anti-armor round that was in development.

9   (fictional-military)
Indicates group executive when a call sign precedes it (e.g. Vader-9)

23   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC-
RU/SA hyper-velocity rail gun shell in 23 x 90 millimeters.  Derivative of the 30mm and also became the "wonton" nuclear spark-plug grenade with an explosive force of 1 tonne.

30   (fictional-military)   -MIMIC-
US/SA hyper-velocity rail gun shell in 30 x 90/120 millimeters.  Originally developed for US Marines with the standard-chem "Macer" rounds having same impact as a GAU-8, and the "nuklet" with an explosive force of 2,000kg or 26,000kg for the 120mm long version..

30 Combloc   (military cartridge)   -LINK-
For .30-caliber Communist Block cartridge this robust-intermediate round in 7.62x39mm is commonly used in the Russian AK-47, AKM and SKS rifles.

32 Squadron, No.   (aviation unit)
British RAF combat aviation unit that now specializes in the transportation needs of VIPs and the Royal Family.  Stationed out of RAF Northolt.

.50 BMG   (military cartridge)
Fifty Caliber Browning Machine Gun round with a diameter of 1/2 inch.
See:  Ma Deuce

52   aka   Fifty-Two   (fictional clone)   -LINK-
Nikki clone, designated NCL 4.0, patterned after the NCL 3.1 genome (Nicole Burke) and consists of two "Beta" and fifty others of 4 variants including Cherubs (12), Pre-pubes (12), Third-Gender (16), and those of normal development (12 that includes the Beta pair).

58   aka   Fifty-Eight   (fictional POTUS)
Claudia Willoughby, the 58th President of the United States first elected in November 2100ce. Served two terms from 1/20/2101 that was cut short on 8/8/2108 when she was reported killed during a spaceflight accident.  She was shockingly beautiful and was called "Madame Fap-Damage" by fans. NOTE: Associated with the Nefer Key, she resurfaces as Sasha Demitri.

99   aka   Ninety-Nine   (animated character)   -LINK-
Human male clone from the Clone Wars universe.  He was the only trooper malformed-defective from the cloning process on the planet Kamino.
NOTE: Used as a verb, to "99" someone is to relegate them to a utilitarian
            post or some menial support roll.

101   aka   Room 101   (classical literature)
In re dystopian novel, 1984.  See Room 101

247   aka   The Cliffs   (fictional lounge)
Twenty-Four-Seven is a lounge and network of patios along the seaside cliffs between the Spike and Orb West.  After book 4 it will be flanked by
olá and Tabula Pasta.  Note that because of the location, it is run by the GR/Ops of the Annex for liability limitation.

626   aka   Six-Two-Six   (animated character)   -LINK-
Experiment code for Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, and nickname for Angela Rutledge aka Little Klicks.

1411   (military form)
Extension of service for enlisted personnel - United States Air Force.
NOTE: Verbally expressed as "fourteen-eleven."

31415   (Pi - tail number)
Pi being 3.14159265... is an irrational number and mathematical constant used to determine the circumference of a circle.  31415 is the tail number to Jacob Graves' ASF74 fighter.
NOTE: Jacob discovers that Jessica's ASF74 tail number is 31416 which
            is notably closer to actual Pi than his ending in 5.




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_______________________________________________________[ 46 ]
A  "Alpha"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter A.

à ma douleur   (French lament)
to my grief.

a mi la muerte me pela los dientes   (Mexican saying)
Death peels my teeth - meaning that death has no hold on who utters this.
NOTE: This saying is by someone "beyond done" (i.e. done-done) so why
            Pena is using this phrase in Chapter 85 is revealved in 87.

à mon désespoir   (French lament)
to my despair.

AAA or Triple-A   (military tech)
Anti-Air Artilery.

ACC   (military - aviation)
Air Combat Command.

accademia all'assassina   (Italian cuisine)   -LINK-
Academy of the Assassin - from two different unique schools (regions) of "burnt pasta" where the pasta is partially burnt and/or caramelized in the pan.  Aka: killer pasta

ACE   (military-fictional)
All Combat Environments fighting suit used by Co-op troops and Security Services.

ace in a day   (air combat achievemenet)
Notoriety awarded to a fighter pilot when they make five consecutive kills (i.e. air to air victories) in a single day, mission or a sortie.

ad   (scientific notation)
Angular Diameter - e.g. noted as 0.5ad for the moon and/or the sun.

A-Duck   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Phoc Yu awarded to him because of his Cambodian name, but he is usually referred to simply as Duck.
NOTE: FM for Iron Man (i.e. O'Malley) becomes GM for HiPO-8.

AFU   (slang)
1. All Fucked Up,  or 2. Anzu Fuck You in re the F51a (and all variants).

AGL   (aviation - navigation)
Above Ground Level.

AGP   (orbital maneuver)
Anti Gravity Pulse.

AI   (computer science)
Artificial Intelligence.

alienus   (French / Latin)
Old French for "belonging to someone else" then later as exotic or foreign.  Latin for "of that which belongs to another" i.e. person, place or object.  In story it's the title of the third installment of the Alien franchise reboot.

Alphas   (cloning program)
From the Alpha-Omega program (Α-Ω) with the alphas being clones of Jacob Graves and the omegas are that of his daughter, Jessica Burke.  Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

Alter of Chains   (codename - historic monument)   -LINK-
In re "Alter of the Chians" at Delphi, this is the codename for Seth Burke yet it is believed to be a subroutine of the SA Delphi AI.

and mine eye hath seen...   (biblical reference - King James)
Psalm 54:7 - and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies

ANG   (military aviation)
Air National Guard.

angel's share   (distilling)
Loss of whiskey volume while aging in oak barrels.  Note that the loss in temperate climates runs about 2% per year and tropical it's up to 12%.

Angry Birds   (gaming IP)   -LINK-
Series of popular games common on the Android platform.

antareh gav   (Persian insult)
Annoying cow.

ANZAC   (military alliance)
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps - an on and off alliance during times of war that becomes permanant at the end of the 21st century.

AO   (military-combat)
Area of Operation.

Áo Dài   (Vietnamese fashion)
Striking woman's pants suit from Viet Nam with a long flowing shirt that is split up both sides to just under their ribs.  Most are plain (solid colors) but high end cuts come in a galaxy of colors and patterns w/embroidery.

APB   (police)
All Points Bulletin.

apón Pup   (astronomy - fictional star)
A binary system of red dwarf stars named Gros Rouge and Rouge Deux (apón being Greek for missing) and home of the Nefer Key, also with a binary-planet pair, code named Dolphin Reel.  Located 5,003 light years away from Earth, just 800 light years on the other side of the Calabash Nebula (Rotten Egg Nebula) in the constellation Puppis. 

ARC   (fictional military org)
Arrakis Reserve Corps.

Argiope-sutenresu   (scientific classification)
From the common Yellow Garden Spider species used for silk production, Argiope-aurantia "Silverface-gilded", the bioengineered offshoot "Silverface-stainless" (sutenresu-Japanese) produces a Scotchgard type silk that, as textile, prevents stains and spotting common with silk fabrics.

Arrakis   (literature - fictional planet name)
Desert planet orbiting the third minor star of 69-Taurus (upsilon-Tauri) system and named after the spice planet in the Dune series.

Artemisia tou Caria   (historical figure)
Greek queen and navel commander fighting as an ally to Xerxes.  Persona adopted by SYLNb, Artyom, for SA96 so that she can retain her name.

Arura   (fictional planet name)
Semi-habitable planet orbiting the star Yhi, HIP 17999. Aboriginal word for 'camp' and SCC's first step into the Pleiades.

ASCII   (computer science)   -LINK-
American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

ASF   (military-aviation)
Air Superiority Fighter.

Ashanti   (African history)   -LINK-
African tribal empire off the Gold Coast.  Many slaves were harvested from the Ashanti and the Maroon uprising in Jamaica were mostly comprised of Ashanti warriors including Scott Rutledge.  (aka Asante)

Assembly of the Commons   aka   AC   (fictional body - FIS)
Body of electors that represents population, counterpoint to the Diplomatic Convention members who represents the interests of the state, that meets for an unspecified time (ntx 8 months) starting in Feburary—based on ACT standard clock/calendar.

ASU   (higher education)
Arizona State University.

ATC   (aviation term)
Air Traffic Controller.

Au   (science)   -LINK-
1. Gold on periodic table.  2. Sign for currency produced by SA.

au   (astrophysics)
Astral Unit.  Average distance of Earth from the Sun (Sol) which translates to 8.33 light minutes or 93 million miles - or 150 million kilometers.

Aue Hi   (Maori)
Maori for "yes indeed" but reversed. (See: U-e)

Australian State Coach   (British Royal coach)   -LINK-
Six horse drawn coach gifted to the Royal Family in 1988 from Australia.

Avery, Tex   (cartoonist)   -LINK-
Celebrated American animator from the "golden age" having created some of the most iconic caracters in the genre.

AZFe   (ICAO code)
Arizona Ironwood Spaceport-Pig Sanctuary (Fe=Ferrum for Iron)

Azrael   (mythology)   -LINK-
Angel of Death. Archangel in Christian lore, and Malak al-Maut in the Qur'an. Also known as Ozryel.




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_______________________________________________________[ 45 ]
B  "Bravo"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter B.

bandeaukini   (swim fashion)
Womans bikini with a twisted Bandeau bra top.

Barbie   (fictional code name)
Secret Service code name for presidential candidate, Claudia Willoughby in 2092.  Her second run in 2100 the code name changes to Phoenix.

Barkeep / Barkeeper   (fictional code name)
Secret Service code name for President, Ahmed Mofid. In story he is the 94th president of the United States.  His code name at the United Nations was Moot.

Barrett M95   (heavy firearm)   -LINK-
Powerful bolt action five-shot rifle chambered in .50 BMG.

batty bwoy   (Jamaican-slang)   -LINK-
Batty indicates "homosexual" and Bwoy indicates a "boy" but is often used in reference to both male or female.

BDF   (military)
Base Defence Force(s).  In story they are the professional arm for the CDF.

BDU   (military)
Battle Dress Uniform.

Because of the suffering...   (biblical reference - New International UK)
Deuteronomy 28:53 "Because of the suffering your enemy will inflict on you during the siege, you will eat the fruit of the womb..."   (so, let's not!  B)

bed bugs   (fictional colloquialism)
Since actual bed-bug insects are now extinct, the term becomes one of referencing casual sexual partners, e.g. fuck buddies.

beer run   (military-slang)
Early evening to midnight logistical support mission or drop.

Behind the Green Door   (entertainment-film)
The very first general release pornographic film in the U.S. market.  Graphic, it's been called the "Red Asphalt" of porno films.

beshoor   (Persian insult)
No brained.

beta   (development cycle)
Final testing build or pre-release of software (i.e. beta release) or in product development (e.g. beta 'set' or 'pair' in cloning for the book).  NOTE that many times beta is used as a position notation or ranking
as in Beta-6 referring to a 2nd in command.

Betelgeuse   (astronomy)   -LINK-
Red-giant star in the upper-left of the Orion constellation.  Noted as the only star astronomers can actually see its surface dimensions—which is wider than the orbit of Jupiter.

betting on the come   (games-poker)
With a hand that has little or no value you bet to draw a workable or winning hand.

bewakoof topa   (Sikh insults)
Stupid dick-head.

BIC   (Intl standards org)   -LINK-
Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal - out of France sets the ISO standards on registration and reporting marks for containers used in international shipping.  In story BIC-n-chip badges are barcoded/RFID placards that are permanantly mounted to the container.
To swap them between containers would be frowned upon.

Big-6   (military)
1. Regimental combat commander - usually a colonel.  2. Senior or field mission commander.  3. God (Allah, Jehova or Rama).

Big Gamey   (obscure reference)
Negative slang for Big Game Hunters, in that gamey here implies stench.

Bishop   (movie character)
Synthetic / android from the Alien(s) franchise and coveted role given to the clone, Eight.  Note that most androids in story are female.

Blackjack - 1108   (industry call sign)
Mil-intel call sign for DFM retread, Leonnard "Leeroy" Jenkins.  Pilot for Simon appearing in book 1 and 4 who then becomes the GM for HiPO-7.
NOTE: His old SA call sign was Leeroy.

Blanc, Mel   (voice actor)   -LINK-
Iconic voice actor from the "golden age" of American cartooning.

Bloodhound   (USMC call sign)
Call sign for Peter Ribot awarded to him because he was considered almost clairvoyant in flight training.

blue shell   (fictionl military tech - gaming weapon)
Nickname for the Co-op's long-legged and super fast Centepede-Azul missile.  From Mario Kart.

B-Mod   (fictional fighter)
For the F380b Cerberus that expands on the CAS roll.

BNS also BoNS   (fictional financial entity)
Bank of New Sydney - Politically neutral bank that creates and manages currency, block-chain, and reserve bullion for off-world (not of Earth) political entities.  With mixed reserves and control of SDR formulas they wield great power.  Exists as subsidiary of City of London, not part of the metropolitan London municipality, and is held in check by the SA.

"Boca cerrada y las moscas no se meten"   (Spanish)
Keep a closed mouth so the flies don't get in.

BOHICA   (olds school acronym)
Bend Over Hear It Comes Again.

bon à savoir   (random French)
Good to know.

bon Monsieur   (French casual)
Good sir.

Boom and Zoom   (military/gaming)
Air combat discipline where, regardless of the aircrafts strengths, a pilot uses altitude, position and speed to make quick and decisive attacks while minimalizing exposure to counter-attacks.

Bouncer   (fictional code name)
Secret Service code name for First Lady, Esma Mofid. In story she is the wife of 94th President and she becomes the 95th President of the United States after his second term.

Boxxy - aka Box Cutter   (SA code name)
Code name for Boxter Hartcourt (Bravo Charlie) because of his power position in the Co-op government.  Often referred to as Palpatine, for all the obvious reasons, he is the polar extreem end of the evil-to-innocent (EI) spectrum opposite the ridiculous Boxxy Babee meme.   -LINK-

breaking on the wheel   (historical punishment)
Horrific execution method where the condemned would be lashed to a wheel and have their limbs systematically shattered.

breeze-block   (fictional-military)
Known as the "BB" it's a rectangular small weapons rail gun "cubic" round for carbine or pistol. Designed to squash (expand) and prevent cavitational colapse.  Aka the 'splatter-block' or the 'anvil'.

Brigadier   (military rank)
The UK and Australian military(s) do not have a "Brigadier General" like the US military does, but they are the same level rank.  In story, the Co-op has a Brigadier General (crossed swords) specifically in re commanders of the regiments and/or brigades in SOG (Special Operation Groups) who operate autonomously, e.g. "The Reapers" BDF-SOG Seventh AirCav group.

Brillig   (children's literature)
Late afternoon tea from Alice in Wonderland and adopted by upper elite on 83-Tau as a mid week society party.

brown dwarf   (astronomy)
A failed star where its mass is not enough to initiate or maintain fusion.  Brown dwarf stars actually glow red and put out a tremendous amount of thermal energy.  These would have been classified "red dwarfs" if the name wasn't already used for faint M-Class stars that shine in the red spectrum.

buffer seat   (american slang)
Referred to as the "we're not gay" seat, it is a single seat separating males while in a theatre setting.  Many think that it is guys trying not to look gay, but the main reason is for comfort - not to sit shoulder pressed to shoulder in narrow theatre seats.

burkha   (fashion-Muslim)
A loose outer garment (burqa) used to hide the human female from view.

bunny suit   (industry-hazmat)
Various types of containment suits used for manufacturing, biohazard and hazmat applications.

bunyip   (mythological beast)
Australian Aboriginal water-beast sometimes portrayed as a man eater and name for an actual hybrid smilodon/hyena like beast on 83 Tau.

burro   (Mexican slang)
Short for burrito, a rolled tortilla filled with various meats and sauses.

Buzzard Chow   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Jacob Graves awarded to him because he was considered mediocre as a recruit.  Shortened to simply Buzzard after 123.




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_______________________________________________________[ 72 ]
C  "Charlie"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter C.

c   (scientific notation)
Indicates the speed of light.

C2   (film reference)
Second Cameraman - or Camera Assistant.

C3   (military)
Command, Control and Communications.  Refers to a command center controlling ground or combat operations.

cabeza de pinga   (Cuban swearing)

cacadedo, el   (obscure super power)
The Shit Finger (aka Flying Fecal Finger of Fate) a super power where pointing this finger at the victim they experience explosive flatulence and diarrhea.  Cacadedo being a bastardization of spanish/latin.

Cajan Rules   (dog fighting)
Set of rules from south-eastern United States for dog fighting bouts and nickname of F380 Cerberus fighter as "Cajan Rules - Don't Apply."

call sheets   (film reference)
That day's shooting schedule.

camisole   (medical restraint)   -LINK-
Classical name for a straitjacket finding favor in some BDSM circles.
The link above is of a childs straitjacket circa unknown.

candybar!   (film reference)   -LINK-
Cry from Arthur Denton in Little Shop of Horrors while tortured by dentist.

Cannae, Battle of   (military history)
Battle from the Second Punic War between Rome and Carthage, it's been called "the battle" because military historians look at it as if they would a work of art.  Hannibal Barca lured the overwhelming Roman forces into an encirclement that restricted movement and then wiped them out.

CAP   (military)
Combat Air Patrol.

caper emissarius   (Latin term)
Scapegoat - to sacrifice or cast out with the sins of the one or a community.

Captain Morgan   (history-piracy)
A highly romanticized pirate, from the early 18th century, commissioned by the English to disrupt Spanish shipping from the New World.

cark it   (Aussie slang)
Australian for "to die" and in past-tense as in carked.

CBOO   (fictional initialism)
Co-op Base(s) Of Operation - pronounced as "see-boo".

CCLM   (military/semi-fictional)
Crew-Chief/Load-Master, referred to as a "clam", is a position combining both functions that also serves as a WSO on combat ops.

ce coup de maître   (random French)
That masterful stroke.

Censor   (Roman/Nefer Key office)
Magistrate/Senator to the Council of Censors who (as a jurist) debate on issues in the Chambers and monitor the public well being of the Nefer Key region, city or outpost they are in charge of.  Note that all Censors answer to the "Princeps Censor" and are only from breeding stock.

CDF   (fictional military org)
Co-op Defense Force.  Main military body of the SCC.

ce   (social-science)
Common Era - modern calendar year reference as opposed to the now defunct, and politically incorrect, AD (anno Domino).

Cerberus   (demon - fighter aircraft)
Three headed demon that guarded the gates to the underworld and name for the CAS specific F380, a microchannel rebuild of the F308 Bulldog.

c'est des ordures  -  c'est le paradis   (French translation)
It is garbage - it's heavan.

Cestius Gallus   (military-history)
Roman in command of the leagons who lost to the Judeans in the first century AD.

chaff   (military)
Aluminum coated Mylar strips used to produce radar cross-sections.

Chagg   (sports-kites)
Mid-sized fighting kite from India.

chain gun   (military-weapon)
A heavy caliber (single barreled) weapon where the feeding of the ammo is driven by a chain mechanism.  (fictional) 4.75mm chain driven rail-gun attached to the forearm of the JACC, with a grenade launcher mounted along the same axis.  Weapon is converted to the 5.70mm bolt.

Chanson de Geste   (French-literature)   -LINK-
Songs (i.e. chronicals) of heroic deeds.

chei   (Nigerian exclamation)
Slang expressing disbelief or admiration tempered with disbelief, similar to "Oh, my God" in English.  May also express excitement or happiness.

Chernobyl   (fictional planet)   -LINK-
Gas giant orbiting 83-Tau (Zmeu) is 10 Jupiter masses and named after the nuclear plant in the Ukraine.  It's primary moon, Prypiat, is host to the Co-op government.

chikushou   (Japanese swearing)
Meaning - son of a bitch.

chillin's   (Louisiana slang)
Children - usually in re children, plural.

chingón   (Mexican slang)
Tough or intimidating person, toublemaker and/or person who loves to fight.

ChiP   (fictional)
Co-Pilot - personal A.I. interface historically referred to as an "AID" or "iBUD" in the early adoption of the N2.  In this story ChiP bots tend to become N2 fuck-buddy companions to their forever human.

Chobham armor   (military)
Composite matrix of materials (e.g. metals and ceramics) that defeat the effects of anti-armor weapons including both high-speed penetrators and shaped charged HEAT rounds.

Chuck Norris   (military cadence)   -LINK -   -LINK-
Martial Arts master and actor who was vaulted into popular culture as a meme of himself.  Hence the ever popular Chuck Norris Cadence.

Church Key   (fictional locale)
Peninsula on Scab (on Sapphire) anchored to New Sydney with the (SA) Kilosphere and Spike facility at the far South/West tip.

CI   (military)
Combat Ineffective - condition where unit has 30% or more casulties.

CIC   (military)
Combat Information Center.  Usually a command center on a ship.

civi   (abbreviation)
Civilian or "civis" in the plural.

CivX   (fictional organization)
Civil Exploration - verbal shorthand for CXi (See: CXi)

clap(s)   (film tool)
Clapper - marking board that uses visual/sound cues to identify and mark the start of scene as well as synch visual to audio tracks.

CLaW   (fictional ecconomic system)
Comprehensive Living/adjusted Wage - upgrade from basic CLW (below) where the compensation (i.e. stipend/dole) of a citizen is based on an applied sliding scale that boosts compensation based upon education, consumer engagement and/or minimal currency rollover.

clean up batter   (sports - baseball)
The forth batter - usually assigned to the best batter on the roster.

clinton   (noun/adjactive)
1.) Graft.  2.) Use of one's public position or official capacity for predatory behavior(s), political maneuvering, or overreach towards a self-serving or nefarious purpose.

CLW   (fictional ecconomic system)
Consumer Living Wage - alternative to the Universal Basic Income where, since there are few jobs available, citizens are supplied a liberal monthly stipend/dole in currancy to function as consumers.

CME   (solar dynamics)
Coronal Mass Ejection.

CMH   (military award)
Congressional Medal of Honor.

CnC   (military)
Command and Control - aka Com-n-Con.

COB   (corporate acronym)
Chairman Of the Board.

Cobalt Bluer   (military-fictional)
Excessively powerful bomb created to vaporize asteroids and comets.  Modern nuclear weapons have layers of elements and isotopes to efficiently enhance the destructive power.  Many of them start with a fission stage then move up to a fusion stage, and so on.  The original cobalt bomb is a spiked dirty bomb that leaves a lethal fallout to deny access to an area and to promote fatalities.  For our purposes cobalt is used as a fusionable compound to boost the destructive force into the gigatons.

cobweb   (fictional)
Future reference to the World-Wide-Wed.

Cocytus   (literature / fictional world)   -LINK-
The frozen Ninth-Circle of Hell from Dante's "Divine Commedia" and name of cryo-world Betelgeuse-11 (SA mission name Cue Ball).

"como te amo"   (Spanish-translation)
Actually means "how much I love you" or "how I love you" but like "yo quero Taco Bell" it's been miss-translated to read simply as "I love you" by most Anglos.  However, in many Americanized Spanish speaking circles, and for our purposes, it's used as an implied statement "you know how much I love you."

cone of silence   (fictional tech)
From 'Get Smart' television show, this is a gadget used for the purpose of holding conversations in secret but it obviously does not work.

conejito rapido es ella   (spanish phrase)
Quick bunny she is, or more like 'quick little bunny she is.'

conex  also  connex   (shipping standard)
Abbreviation for con(tainer) for ex(port) standard freight box.

CONR   (military command)
Continential United States (NORAD) Region.

Consul   (Roman/Nefer Key office)
Highest office in Nefer Key society that holds dictatorial power but answers only to the "Princeps Censor" (Council of Censors) who wields the power of veto over them.  This title is held by Luc and previously by his grandmother, Prima, twelve-generations before him.  Also note that the Princeps Censor, Yvette, is Luc's mother.

Co-op   (ficitonal entity)
The Cooperative - The Steel Chain Cooperative in the Hyades.

Country Club Plaza   (shopping and cultural center)   -LINK-   -LINK-
One of the most beautiful shopping centers in the world and chock full of fountains, sculptures and art galleries.  If you have a second day to spare go to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art [link] and be amazed.  There I studied under Matthew Monks back in the early '70s.

Cowboy   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Bill Nguyen awarded to him because of his Texas origins and heavy accent.

Cowpens, Battle of   (military history)
American Revolutionary War battle between Great Britan and Continental Army, where General Daniel Morgan, by way of slight of hand, pulls off a double envelopment and overcomes the British forces.

CQB   (military)
Close Quarters Battle - combat in close proximity or confined spaces.

CrackerJack   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Robert "Bob" Jackson awarded to him because he was considered an overachiever by his peers—with time the sign (jokingly) morphed into meaning a "slave driver" by his subordinates.

Cubanaza   (slang variant-Cuba)
Feminization of Cubanazo which is best defined as a "Cuban redneck."

cue   (display - aviation)
Square or rectangular vector frame in a HUD that overlays a target or other object.  In story a cue can also be circular/eliptical or triangular, as well as color coded.

Cue Ball   (ficitonal world)
See: Cocytus.

Cultus Confirmus   (religious doctrine)   -LINK-
Step below beatification where a cult of an individual is venerated and acceptable.  Beatification leads to Sainthood.

CWR   (military-fictional)
Cyclic Waste Recovery system that recycles waste products into food stuffs.  CWR-rats (sewer-rats) are meal rations/packages developed from this system.

CXi   (fictional organization)
Civil Exploration initiative / institute - academic organization to set standards and methodologies for exploration under the care of the FIS and the SA.

cyaxle gun   (military-fictional)
A  4.75mm heavy barreled rail-gun with a rotary bolt that feeds ammo form 3 sources.  Fires the RAM assisted bolts, and is mounted on the boom attached to the back of the JACC.  NOTE: As part of the Anchor configuration the trooper also has two penta guns.  Weapon converted to the 5.70mm bolt.




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_______________________________________________________[ 49 ]
D  "Delta"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter D.

damnatio memoriae   (modern latin)
Comdemnation of memory or i.e. erasure from the historical record.

DARPA   (US military agency)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

davayte vyp'yem za uspekh nashego dela   (Russian toast)
Let us drink to the success of our business.

DC   (international relations)
Diplomatic Communiqué (aka Delta-Charlie)

DC   (commercial operation)
Distribution Center - used for staging and shipping product.

DCS   (gaming)
Digital Combat Simulator flight simulation game known as DCS World.

DE   (country code abbreviation)
Deutschland - with .de being the country code for Germany, this denotes
the "hinterland" region near the stumps surrounding the Star Castle island, Deutsch Insel, and sometimes referred to as Deutschlandia.
NOTE: In story DE is the air control zone surrounding the Star Castle.

de jure   (Latin)
Accordingly to law. By right as opposed to de facto.

deadhead   (transportation slang)
Trucking slang noting a leg (point to point drive) where the carrier/owner has to eat the expenses (fuel and log-milage) getting to a chargeable load.

d'Elsa   (Italian region)
One of many small regions in Italy that produces the Classico Chianti wine.

derivative   (financial instrument)
An arrangement or instrument (such as a future, option, or warrant) whose value derives from and is dependent on the value of an underlying asset.

dermatome   (surgical device)   -LINK-
Powered (electrical or pneumatic) instrament used to harvest thin slices of skin for grafts, or for wound debridement procedures.

Descanso Gardens   (botanical park)   -LINK-
Absolutely gorgeous "garden park" in Glendale, California.

deus ex machina   (plot device)
God from the machine - from the Greek, apò mekhanês theós, a comedic device used to resolve insurmountable problem by way of the Dios, or God, appearing to bring a happy or just ending at the end of a play.  The "deity" would be lowered to the stage by a cable or apear via trapdoor.

deus lo volt   (Latin - Catalan idiom)
The will of God - Illiterate provincial corruption of the Latin proper Deus vult which means God wills it.  Sometimes written as Diex el volt.

Deutsch Insel   (fictional island)
Name of island where the Star Castle of Prypiat is located in the stumps.
NOTE: In proper German it would be Deutsche Insel.

deuxième partie   (French translation)
Second part or part two.

devo essere me stesso   (Italian)
I have to be myself.

DI   (military-training)
Drill Instructor.

dial-a-yield   (military-technology)   -LINK-
Neutron boosting mechanisms that allow for a variable range of yields in nuclear weapons.

Diet of Worms   (historical event)   -LINK-
A series of assemblies between 829-1545 in the city of Worms, the most notable being the 1521 diet on the heresey of Martin Luther.

dino fetish   (carnal fantasy genre)   -LINK-
It is a thang... "Dinosaur Erotica" is a sex fantasy genre where a human female engages in sexual encounters with dinosaurs and fantasy beasts alike, e.g., raptors, gargoyls, dragons, pterodactyls (and the list goes on).
In the story the Xhemal are open to sexual contact with willing humans.
NOTE: Unfortunately, as erotica goes, this is only the tip of the ice berg.
            If you only knew what people were into you'd freak...

Dip   (Catalan/Spanish demon)
Demonic hellhound and emissary of the Devil and is lame in one leg.  Name for the SA Cerberus interceptor.

Diplomatic Convention   aka   DC   (fictional body - FIS)
Replacement for the GA (General Assembly) in the FIS that meets for four weeks in the fall—based on ACT standard clock/calendar

dish side   (military-fictional)
Lower half of a "hippo" battle station.  The upper half is the "dome side."

Disney Swish   (military tech)   -LINK-
Early massive ordinance bumker-buster bomb from allies in WWII weighing in at 2,000kg.

disperit   (science / Italian)
From disperso for asunder—in pieces and/or scattered.

DiVAS   (fictional expanded IP)
Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.  See: KBOS

divvy or div   (military slang)
Division of troops as in div-vy.

Djinn   (genie - fighter aircraft)
A spirit-deamon from pre-Islamic Arabia and build name for the F51d, a revised F51a Gryphon "Anzu" fighter.

DMZ   (military-intl relations)
Demilitarized Zone.

DOD   (government-United States)
Department Of Defense.

DOE   (government-United States)
Department Of Energy.

DOP   (film reference)
Director of Photography - aka cinematographer.

dog cunt   (Australian slang)
Aussie for traitor.

Dolfi   (historical reference)
Rarely heard nickname of Adolf Hitler.

Dolphin Reel   (astronomy - fictional planets)
Code name for habitable binary planitary system and home planet of the Nefer Key.  Orbits the red dwarf B-star Rouge Deux as part of apón-Pup binary system (in Puppis) on the other side of the Calabash Nebula. The original human given names were "Ours" and "Theirs" but are now code named "Sashi" and "Imi" by the intelligence community.

dontopedology   (British humor)
As noted by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Elizabeth II, it is the "science of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it" aka foot in mouth disease.  In terms of subtle and polite British humor, Prince Philip has a reputation of (zero fucks given) comedic genius.

doppelganger   (German language)
A "carbon-copy" of an individual in appearance, body type and behavior as opposed to a clone which is an exact genetic copy.

double ace   (gaming achievemenet)
In re "ace in a day" which is five consecutive kills/victories in a day, mission or sortie, a double-ace is twice that and next to impossible to achieve in real life.  With the extensive load out on the ASF47 this would be in reach.

douche poodle   (regional insult)
Super-hot, rich, and exceedingly promiscuous cougar, MILF or GMILF.  Usually from high-society circles that prey on lower caste males.

DPKO   (international relations)   -LINK-
United Nations Department of Peace-Keeping Operations.

Drama Flakes   (entertainment-comics / nickname)   -LINK-
Breakfast cereal that inspired The Tick, a spoof on comic book super- heroes, to come up with his signature battle cry, "Spoooooon!" Used as a gamer Steam ID by Robert Graves.

Duck Hook   (golf slang)
A ball that curves right to left and off target while low to the ground.  Nickname for the First Regiment of Taiji's Third Mobile Calvary.

durry   (Australian-slang)

dust   (uncommon slang)
1. Fight or altercation (dust up)  2. Party or celebration (dust kicker).  Note that a "dust kicker" is also a derogatory term for a poor pilot.

dust off   (military slang)
Dedicated or impromptu air assult medical evacuation sometimes informally referred to as duster or dusty.

Dye-Abolical or Dyeabolical   (golf reference)
For noted golf course designer, Pete Dye, and references his incredibly difficult fairways/holes in the sport.




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_______________________________________________________[ 18 ]
E  "Echo"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter E.

E3   (military)
Egress, Evade and Escape.  Also known as Echo-Three.

E9   (military rank)
Sergeant Major (US Army) or Chief Master Sergeant (US Air Force).

E-Z   (fictional time standard reference)
Earth-Zulu or "Eazy" time - used by most people when traveling.  It is in actually GMT anchored to the Earth UT8 standard and not zulu time.

early and under   (film lexicon)
Means to wrap up early or on time + at or under budget.

ecce homo   (informal Latin)
Phrase "behold the man" reported to be said by Pontius Pilate of Jesus when presented to the mob after being flogged.  The addition of the word "plumatis" (plumage/feathered) mistranslates horribly.

el caca del pollio   (Mexican phrase)
Chickenshit, a chickenshit, or the chickenshit.

Electra   (astronomy)
One of the 7 primary stars in the Pleiades cluster.  Mythology: With her brother (Orestes) Electra avenged the murder of Adamemnon by killing their mother, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus.

EMP   (science)
Electromagnetic Pulse.

EPA   (government-United States)
Environmental Protection Agency.

Epée   (sword - cruiser)
Light and fast dueling sword that is smaller than the rapier and name of the small Co-op wedge cruiser.

ESA   (government-Europe)
European Space Agency.

esa jeva es un mango   (Cuban phrase)
That girl is super hot.

Estas bien buena güera   (Mexican phrase)
You are hot (i.e. have a nice body), white lady.

E.T.   (entertainment-film)
Extraterrestrial - use popularized by the film from Steven Spielberg.

exempli gratia  (Latin)
For the sake of an example.  Usually noted as e.g. in text.

Express, The   (fictional interceptor)
The IR5-Express - advanced and strealmined build of the core IR5.

eyot   (middle english)
Arcane term for an island.




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_______________________________________________________[ 42 ]
F  "Fox" or "Foxtrot"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter F.

F and K   (military slang)
Fucking and Killing - as in fucking off and killing time.

FAC   (military - operations)
Forward Air Controller - directs air strikes from ground.  As opposed to Forward Observer who directs artilary strikes, aka fire missions.

facherie s'arreter   (fictional weapon-French translation)
Quarrel stopper - terrible French translation (fa-she sar-a-te) for Nefer Key QP Gun code named, Fly Swatter.  Fecale s'arreter made it shit stopper.

Falgun Purnima   (Nepalese celebration)
Festival of Colours - also known as "Holi" across Asia, this celebrates the death of the demon, Holika.  Falgun (aka Fagu) stands for the .np month of Phalguna (spanning February to March) and Purnima meaning celebration.

Familia Cubanaza   (Cuban idiom)
Meaning a family of Cuban rednecks and name of reality show in story.
See: Cubanaza

fap   (sexual slang)
To masterbate.  Note it's faf or faff in Aussie speak.

Fap Damage, Madame   (fictional-historical nickname)
Nickname for the late U.S. President, Claudia Willoughby because of her beauty, sexiness and provocative nature.

farrier axe   (equine specialty tool)
Cavalry hatchet with long spike that is used to put down an injured horse and to remove hoof to verify loss of the animal during maneuvers or battle.

FAS-T   (military - obscure)
Forward Armament and Stores - Train / Terminal.

fasces   (Roman/Nefer Key symbol)
Latin for bundle, it consists of an axe or pole-arm (i.e. halberd) that is bound or frogged in a bundle with wooden rods.  It was orignally Etruscan, adopted by Rome and then by the Nefer Key.  It represents high office and carried for the office holder by a pleb (e.g. Roman Lictor or Nefer Key enlisted).  In the Nefer Key society it represents the Tribunes.

FCAP   (military reference)
Force Combat Air Patrol - similar to CAP but it is air coverage during a mission or in an Area of Operation.  Note that in story this references the outer CAP ring or defensive coverage from space.

FDA   (government-United States)
Food and Drug Administration.

feed   (military slang)
Verb as to feed a weapon ammo or, noun as in re the ammo itself.

feet dry   (military-aviation)
Aviation slang for transition from over water to over land.

feet wet   (military-aviation)
Aviation slang for transition from over land to over water.

Fibonacci sequence   (science)
Natural/corporeal sequence where the sum of the previous 2 numbers make the following number: 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377...

FIDO   (flight operations)
Flight Dynamics Officer (aka FDO) that functions as a flight controller.  Note that the "I" is sometimes "Instramentation" or noted in smallcase but the jury is still out on that.

FIFA   (international soccer)
Fédération Internationale de Football Association, aka Association Football.

fils   (currency / coinage)
Coinage similar to pennies at 100 to a riyal / dollar or 1,000 to a dinar. NOTE: In story the Pleiades Au note is equal to a US $100 bill and is
            subdivided by 1,000 fils.

FIS   (government-fictional)
Federation of Independent States.  The Frontier's version of the United Nations located on Sapphire in the Pleiades.

FIST   (military)
Forward Infantry Support Team.  Usually takes the place of, or works with the Forward Observer.

five by five   (communications)   -LINK-
Best of all possible reception indicating, "I read you lound and clear."

Five Houses   (fictional states)
Five independent states on Taiji:  Anzac, Perth, Maple, Kyiv, and Prague.

Five-Nights   (gaming slang)
Reference to Five-Nighs at Freddy's and implies something is very creepy.  In re Artyom this is apropos because like FNAF he can't blink.

fizgig   (Australian slang)
Aussie for Police Informer or turncoat and/or trator.

Fjalar and Galar   (Norse mythology - fictional moons)
Fjalar (Deceiver) and Galar (Screamer) were the dwarves who killed Kvasir.  They orbit the fictional brown dwarf Mead of Poetry orbiting 32-Tau.

flail gun   (military-fictional)
A nuclear plasma-pulse cannon that is mounted on the boom attached to the back of the JACC.  NOTE: As part of the Guard configuration the trooper also has a penta and a chain gun.

Floor, The   (fictional code name)
CXi code name for the orbital tracks, sub-geostationary out to Lagrange zones that surround Gore Point, the brown dwarf at U-Turn.  These tracks are for the construction of capital ships, notably the Trung Platforms and Titus stations.

Fly Swatter   (fictional weapon)
Foxtrot Sierra - quantum particle gun of the Nefer Key, facherie s'arreter.

FNG   (military-slang)
Fucking New Guy.

FO   (military)
Forward Observer who's job it is to observe and direct fire missions.  
A very important job sometimes referred to as Fuckin' Off.

Foliot   (clock mechanism - city name)
A balance bar for clockwork mechanisms.  Original code name for central city on Second Hand.

Fondue Pot   (food implement - codename)
Codename for stowage facility on Polaris-B4 (Javan) previously referred to as Tevat Noah.

Four-Ex   (Australian beverage)
Castlemaine XXXX beer, lauger or bitters.

FPS   (gaming-mode)
First Person Shooter.

frog march   (transitive verb)
To be forced (marched) forward with arms pinned, or bound from behind but this is not required.  To be forced marched like this is usually in a degrading or humiliating manner.

FRZ   (civil aviation)
Flight Restricted Zone - the 13nm/15nm ring around DC.

FTL   (fictional science/tech)
Faster Than Light drive system soon to become 3rd gen MDDSH drive.

FUBAR   (military-slang)
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

fully sick   (Australian slang)
Excellent or outstanding!

furball   (military-aviation)
A dogfight so out of control that it's every man for himself.




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_______________________________________________________[ 33 ]
G  "Golf"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter G.

G   (science)
Gravity.  1g equals the pull of the Earth on a body or mass.

GA   (international relations)
General Assembly of the United Nations.

gai   (games-marbles)
Special ball in Gaipar from Bengal.

GAO   (United States agency)
Government Accountability Office.

Gast gun   (weapons mechanism)   -LINK-
German reciever design using a rocker mechanism that alternates fire between two barrels giving a high rate of fire while reducing weight.

Geisha Hut   (fictional)
Nickname for facility cloning people for the flesh and military trade.

gen   (iteration - reference)
Generation - as in progressional instance i.e. gen-4.

geoneutrino   (subatomic particle)
Anti-neutrino produced by planetary cores (Uranium and Thoreum fission decay) and more precicely referred to as geo-antineutrinos.  Term coined by Berkely Physics Lab.

GEV   (military / gaming)
God's Eye View.  Overhead tactical display.

gib   (gaming term)
To gib someone is to blow their body apart into "giblets."

Glados   (AI veneer / video game character)   -LINK-
From the Portal series, by VALVe, the passive-agressive GLaDOS is the persona foundation/overlay for the SYLN-b AI from the C3 at the Spike.

Gleek   (card game)
UK card game with complex rules and popular from the 16th Century.

G-LOC   (military-aviation)
Gravity induced Loss Of Consciousness.

glupyy   (Russian insult)
Phonetic translation for "stupid."

GmbH   (German corporation)
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung - German designation of a privately held company similar to an LLC in the United States.

GMi BER   (fictional military tech)
Known as "gummy bears" for Ghost Mode interface Begin Emergency Recovery - with SA dead as residents of Stone Garden being used to pilot combat and recon drones and droids, the BER componant is a simple command button to launch the "ghosts" on JACCs that have been salted and the troopers in them are now dead.  Aka "zombie mod."

GMT   (social-science)   -LINK-
Greenwich Mean Time (zulu time)

Gnome   (military-fictional)
See: Urchin Gnome.

goat roap   (American colloquialism)
Confusing or disorganized situation often attributed by human error.

grab ass   (military-slang)
1. (v) Horseplay.  2. (n) Homosexual.

GravTrac   (military-fictional)
Gravity Tracking.  An array that tracks gravitational fields and waves.  The triangulation from various arrays pinpoint the location of target.

Gray List / Data   (data set)
Database compiled by Nefer Key noting discoveries by them visiting systems and planets.

Green Hornet   (fictional weapon)
SA mod of the SCC Hornet missile.  See: Hornet.

greif   (slang to disrupt)
To greif (not grief) is to disrupt operations or raze facilities and/or buildings to cause havoc.  First referenced from Operation Gryphon (aka Operation Greif) from WW2 and popularized today on gamers like Minecraft.

gridiron   (American sports)
Gridiron is name for "American Football" from the United States.

Grigori   (Angel-Talmud)
Watcher angel - name of recon version of the Cwn Annwn ghost droid derivative of the Cerberus fighter.

Grogu   (Star Wars character)   -LINK-
Know as 'the child' or 'baby Yoda' this powerful force wielding character comes from The Mandalorian series.  In story it is the mascot for all of the life sciences groups in the CXi.

G-Squeeze   (compression technique)
Simplified reference for citizens in regards to AGSM for Anti-g Straining Maneuvers to prevent g-LOC by squeezing leg and core muscles to retain blood in the brain.

GTA5   (fictional planet)
Gamma Tauri Alpha Five - Industrial moon of fifth planet around the main star of Primus Hyadem, aka 54 Tau.  Habitable moon is the "c" moon and that was aptly named Scorch.

GTB6   (fictional planet)
Gamma Tauri Bravo Six - habitable planet, sixth from secondary minor star (Baby-Prime) in binary pair of Primus Hyadem, aka 54 Tau.  Zemlya Dva is the proper name and aka as the Rock, Slime or the Nuddy.

Gun Crazy   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Michelle Kiel awarded to her because of her excellence in piloting the HWG-99 Warthog gunship variant.

guppy   (aviation designation)
Aircraft with expanded cargo capability by way of a ballooned fuselage or cargo hold.




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_______________________________________________________[ 20 ]
H  "Hotel"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter H.

ha Satan   (mythology)
Angel of God known as "The Accuser" from the Apocrypha who's job
it was to challenge the faithful.  Became Satan (the devil) in Christian circles for the want of a bad guy.

ha Satan es mericone   (Spanish)
The Devil is a faggot.  (even gay or homosexual depending on inflection)

hackette   (British slang)
Derogatory reference to female reporter/correspondent.

half-stepping   (military-slang)
Not paying full attention—a very bad thing if you're on point.

HALO   (military term)
High Altitude Low Open parachute jump, aka MFF for Military Free Fall.  Here this is a jump w/out a parachute but the accronym is still used.

Hedgehog   (SA and RAF call signs)
Call sign for both Zach Nelson (SA) and Major/Queen Victoria Wilson (RAF) bestowed on her by Michelle Kiel for piloting the Warthog.

high-moon   (orbital dynamics)
Orbital state where a tidally locked moon (e.g. Prypiat or Second Hand) faces its planet with the opposite sun-facing side at high-noon making the "high-moon" uniform radiance from the planet aka twilight-360.

Hipo   (capital ship code - orbital maneuver)
Code name for SA battle stations and hails from 22nd century assembly maneuver acronym HPO for Habitat in Proper Orientation in re the orbital sub-assembly alignment to main unit originally coded, i.e HPO-1 for Carrie Nation during construction but now Hippo-1 in operation.  As with MDDSH we strip unecessary content out and wanted to note this here FYI.

HKEp   (military-fictional)
Hyper Kinetic-Energy projectile.  Usually rail gun launched, or sometimes as in sabot configuration.

hoi polloi   (Greek phrase)
Greek for "the masses" or "the rabble" or "the great unwashed."

Homer   (military-fictional)
SA nickname for MAD troopers of the Co-op.

homo sum humani a me nihil alienum puto   (Roman saying)
I am human so nothing human is strange to me - in re other cultures that appear different than from your own.  From the work of Terence.

Hone-Onna   (demon-Japanese / handle)
Female Yokai (spirit) who extracts the lifeforce from men.  Pro-Domme name for BDSM master Sally Fukushima.

Hornet   (fictional weapon)
SCC missile utilizing the AG torque drive from the Centipede-Mew missile.  The SA captures one and develops two versions of it.
NOTE: Yellow Jacket (SA version) works like the Centipede Mew and
           coordinate their attacks as well as swapping targets.
NOTE: Green Hornet (2nd SA version) is a high speed alternative to the
           Mew2 Centipede alternative to the SCC Centipede-Azul.

Hot Coffee   (gaming easter egg)
Hidden minigame in the sandbox game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, allowing protagonist to engage in sex with in game girlfriend.

house left   (stage direction)
Theatrical reference and point of view from the perspective of the audience or the director—reversie of stage right.

HUD   (aviation display)
Heads Up Display - in story the tacnet HUD is projected in the visual cortex and is 360 all aspect and interactive.

HWG   (military-fictional)
High-capacity Weapons-platform and Grip-transport (hog).

Hyades   (astronomy)
Close star cluster 41pc (134 light years) from Sol.  Low in sky in the constellation of Taurus away from galactic center.  Consists of the 5 daughters of Atlas who are sisters to the Pleiades. (fic.) Steel Chain.




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_______________________________________________________[ 25 ]
I  "India"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter I.

I  sabe   (Nigerian slang)
Pigdin for "I understand."

IAU   (science-astrophysics)
International Asttronomical Union

IBDM   (space standard)
International Berthing and Docking Mechanism - androgynous docking portal that's 800mm (31 inches) wide with three interlinking petals per side.
NOTE:  In story the 5th-gen is three meters with 11 petals.

ICC   (international relations)
International Criminal Court.

ICTP   (science-physics)
International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

IFF   (military)
Identify Friend or Foe.  Systems protocol that determines whether to
fire or not to fire on an unidentified signature or target.

IGA   (international relations)
Inter-government Agency affiliated with UN.

il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour   (French saying)
Nothing is real but dreams and love.

IMF   (international finance)
International Monitary Fund.

impiTUS   (code name)
Code name for Ndosa Khumalo with "impi" meaning Zulu warrior and "TUS" for The Ultimate Shakan."  See: Morning Star.

in abstentia  (Latin / legal)
By absence.  Usually refers to a hearing or trial where the accused is not present during the proceedings.

in bocca al lupo   (Italian saying)
In the mouth of the wolf - an Italian saying similar to "break a leg" where off stage it's used generally for wishing good luck.  The most common saying is crepi il lupo for, may the wolf die.

in flagrante delicto   (Latin / legal)
In blazing offence or disregard to laws, orders issued, or social norms.

in inceptum   (Latin term)
In the beginning or from inception.

institute   (accademic endeavor)
Accademic/scholarly society or organization extablished to carry out a particular work in a specialized field or dicipline like, e.g., the scientific efforts of the CXi.

intercessio   (Latin institution)
Known as the institution of the veto, aka veto power.

intermodal container   (shipping container)
Standardized international freight transport container that's universal roll-off trucks, trains, and overseas shipping.

invincible error   (religion-Catholicism)   -LINK-
Action not considered sinful because it was committed out of ignorance.

IP   (arts and writing)
Intellectual Property - many times referred to as a property or a license.

Ipet Hah   (fictional city - ancient Egyptian)
Name of coastal city "harem for eternity" on Imi, at Dolphin Reel.  Note that an Egyptian Ipet is run for the benefit of the members and not as chatel, and that Hah is the personification of eternity for the sky goddess Nut.

IPM   (Italian association)
Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie - educational institute.

IRAS   (astronomy)
Infrared Astronomical Satellite catalog.  In re "apón-Pup" this fictional reference (IRAS8-P7399X98U8) is the 8th survey specifying the region behind the Calebash Nebula.  Note that the M46 star cluster tends to wash out proximity and line of sight IR sources making red dwarfs like apón-Pup, superimposed over M46, hidden in plain sight.

Iret Nwt   (fictional city - ancient Egyptian)
Name of Nefer Key city "Eye of Nut" (or Noot) on planet Sashi as part of Dolphin Reel.  Note that the Nefer Key were assoicated with the goddess Nut when they first visited humans on Earth.

Iron Maiden  (torture-execution)
Horrific torture and execution device where the victim was enclosed in an metal or wooden cabinet with spikes pointing inside.  Name of the Battle Platform SA36 who's original name was Phung Thi Chinh who fought for the Trung Sisters.




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_______________________________________________________[ 17 ]
J  "Juliet"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter J.

JACC   (military-fictional)
Jerryworks Armored Combat Cybernetics fighting suit.

Jabberwocky   (fictional monster)
From the nonsensical poem by Lewis Carroll, it is about the killing of said animal that is described to be a chimera similar to a Griffon.  In this story it is the name for the flying monster on Prypiat (83-Tau) by it's binomial name, 83-T Jabberwocksorus samanthia.

Jagdkommando   (military-Austrian)
The Austrian "Hunting Commando" functions like the SAS, Delta and Rangers.  For the SA it's their way of calling themselves "Predator" troops without being obvious.

Javan   (son of Yapet - fictional planet)
Son of Japheth (aka Yapet) and grandson of the biblical Noah.  The fourth planet orbiting the star Polaris-B and also referred to as the Fondue Pot.

Jerryworks   (military-fictional)
Juliet-Whiskey.  Code name for the systems development and procurement branch of the SA.  Originally from WWI in reference
to elaborate German trenching on the front lines.

Jesus, perdona esta persona por ser tan idiota   (Spanish)
Jesus, please forgive this person for being such an idiot.

jette mes vêtements   (French - casual)
Throw off my clothes.

jiffy   (science-measures)
33.3 picoseconds in length.  The time it takes light to travel one centimeter in a vacuum.

jink   (aviation-combat)
Sudden maneuver used to throw off aim or targeting by an adversary.  With the MDDSH hyperphoto drive, in story it is a repetitious zig-zag known as a "random walk" while in space to throw off enemy tracking.

JKD   (martial arts)   -LINK-
Jeet Kune Do—a brutalizing style of fighting comprised of mixed martial art styles developed by the great Bruce Lee.

Joan of Arcadia   (entertainment-television)   -LINK-
A delightful weekly drama where a young girl talks to God who appears to her in random guises.

joder como un monstruo   (Cuban phrase)
Fuck like a monster.

joie de vivre   (French saying)
Joy of Living - i.e. exuberant enjoyment of life.

JPL   (government-United States)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Judge Dredd   (UK comic)
British anthology comic where in a dystopian future a law enforcement officer (Dredd) judges and executes criminals on the street.

Jupiter   (astronomy)
Fifth planet in our solar system.  Orbits the Sun every 12 years.




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_______________________________________________________[ 37 ]
K  "Kilo"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter K.

K   (science)
Kilometers.  Metric unit of measurement consisting of one-thousand meters equal to 0.60 miles.

kaiju   (Japanese monsters)
Name or handle for gigantic Japanese monsters like Godzilla.

Kai Pai   (Maori phrase)
Good eats.

Kasko Irregolare String Struttura   (physics-fictional) Comprehensive Irregular String Structure.  Fictional string theory where first, second, and forth dimensional space/time were removed from the equations, and third becomes first dimensional "real" space.  For our purposes this makes string theory testable.

Katyusha Rockets   (weapons system)   -LINK-
Frightenly effective Russian rocket artillary also known as Stalin's Organ.  Refers to missile farm pod fire missions on the Warthog gunships.

kawaii   (Japanese culture)
Japanese culture of cuteness. (see Neotenous)

KBOS   (fictional expanded IP)
Kill Bill Origin Story - failed sequal to Kill Bill with the long awaited remake, DiVAS, with Cloé Khumalo as Vernita Green.

KCMoe's   (fictional restaurant)
Name of fictional BBQ restaurant chain originating from Kansas City and word play on KCMO for Kansas City, Missouri.

K.C. Strip   (food arts)   -LINK-
Arguably the best cut of steak next to filet mignon—and I'm gonna argue that point.  Yes, historically the New York Strip is the "same cut" per se but I have never been disappointed by the thicker cut K.C. Strip.  There is something to be said about growing up in stock-yard USA.  You can't compare what you can source from there as opposed to the gristle-fest offered by by Ralphs, Safeway or IGA.

K'Ehleyr   (entertainment-scifi)
Character from Star Trek Next Generation played by Suzie Plakson.

Kelvin   (science)
Measurement of temperature based on centigrade scale where 0°k starts from absolute-zero, or -273.16°c (-459.67°f).  NOTE: In physics, 0°k is the point where matter is devoid of all thermal energy.

KGE   (measurements)
Kilogram equivalent - specifically explosives.

khukri   (weapons-knives)   -LINK-
Heavy bladed weapon from Nepal.

KIA   (military)
Killed In Action

kick   (slang)
Inordinately common slang:  1. Excitement (a kick)  2. To die (kick off)
3. To relax or to blow off (kick back/it)  4. Sexual fruition or an orgasm
(to kick, kicked, kick in the pants/ass/teeth, or done kicked, etc.)

Kid Buu   also   Kid Buu Wrecking Crew   (entmt-anime)   -LINK-
Anime cartoon character from the Dragon Ball Z series "pure demon" form of Majin Buu.  Nickname of the Mbande platforms that are 60% the size of the Trung battle platforms.

Kiel Landgut GmbH   (fictional corp entity)
Major holding company and chief lender in the Hyades/SCC, specifically on Prypiat at 83 Tau, that is solely owned and controlled by the Family Kiel who is actually German in origin.  As a "living estate" the op was run by Nigel Kiel up until chapter 102 and then by Michelle Kiel after that.

Kimbaku-bi   (fetish-bondage)   -LINK-
"Beauty of tight bonding" Japanese BDSM technique that's been elevated to a stylized art form.

King Taco   (Mexican restaurant)   -LINK-
Popular (crazy good) Mexican eatery in Los Angeles.

Kirby   (fictional star)
Red dwarf star 37-Tau-E that was originally named 3-Ball-3.

Kirin   (Japanese demon)   -LINK-
Japanese chimera dragon, known as Qilin in China, and moon of Sapphire.

KISS   (slang)
1. Kasko Irregolare String Struttura.  2. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Kitab al Bulhan   (literature)   -LINK-
The 'Book of Wonders' on astronomy, astrology and divination from the late 14th to early 15th centuries.

klick   (military)
Slang for kilometer.  (See: K)

KMA   (personal insult)
Kiss My Ass.

Knight's tour   (games-chess)   -LINK-
Mathematical challenge where, starting on a blank chess board, you move the knight around touching each square only once.

Kno Sheatz   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Bud Sheatz awarded to him because his tagline in flight training was "I don't know shit."

Kolob   (astro-mysticism)   -LINK-
1. LDS name for the star closest to the throne of God.  2. A planetary system inhabited exclusively by members of the Mormon faith who are known as Kolobsters, Kolobees or even Klobbers. The system has two small moons named Urim and Thummin.

kOri   (astronomical reference / terrorist org)
In re the star Saiph, Kappa Orion, the kOri are a terrorist organization on the jungle planet/moon Saiph-6B.

kps   (velocity scale)
Kilometers Per Second.

Krav Maga   (matial arts)   -LINK-
Pragmatic style of fighting from the Israli Security Forces.

kt   (military)
Kiloton - the equivalent of one-thousand tons of TNT.

kush   (expanded slang)
Indicates that something is excellent, high-quality or above par.  The phrase taken from the Kush grade(s) marijuana which is considered one of the best strains available.

kuso   (Japanese swearing)
Meaning - fuck.

Kuzma's Mother   (Russian idiom)
Russian saying that conveys "you're in trouble now" as Mat Kuz'ma or Kuz'my.  Nickname for Tsar Bomba as Kuzkina mat.

Kvasir   (mythology - fictional name of star)
Wisest of all Nordic gods who was murdered by dwarves Fjalar and Galar and made into the brew Mead of Poetry.  Name of star 32-Tau.




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_______________________________________________________[ 19 ]
L  "Lima"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter L.

La Cañada   (California community)
Spanish for, The Canyon, this suburban community north of Los Angeles in the Crecenta Valley of the Verdugo Mountains.  It merged with the city of Flintridge in 2007.  In story it was incorporated into Glendale before 2295.

laissez-passer   (diplomatic travelpass)
French for "allow to pass" it is a diplomatic travel permit that gives the holder open clearance to bounce between international jurisdictions.

Laurel Springs   (accredited school)   -LINK-
Superb online school, oringally a "correspondence school" in it's inception, many of Laurel Springs students are in the television, movie/film and music industries, allowing them to travel and work while pursuing an education.
NOTE:  The author's son attended and graduated in 2009.

LC   (military rank)
Lieutenant Colonal.

le plaisir était pour moi   (standard French)
It was my pleasure.

le reste est de l'histoire   (French translation)
The rest is history.

Led Myach   (Russian translation)
Ice Ball - bot translation of phonetic Russian and 2nd moon orbiting 6th planet orbiting 53-Tau binary pair.

les choses que nous fasions pour l'amour   (French translation)
The things we do for love.

les petites merdes gris   (French-vulgar)
Little gray shits.

lesser yhvh, the   (angel-Talmud)
Arch angel known as the Metatron who functions as the voice of God (YHVH-Yahveh or Yahoveh with the popular Yahweh being incorrect).

light year   (astrophysics)
Measurement of distance light travels in one year as in 5.9 trillion miles or 9.49 trillion kilometers.  Light moves at 186,000+ miles per second, or 300,000 kilometers per second.

locus of control   (psycology - awareness)
Degree to what people believe that they have control over their own lives "internal" as opposed to "external" where one believes that outside forces may hold sway.  An internal locus indicates confidence where external allows one to direct blame.

LOE   (military acronym)
Low Observable Egress.

Love Shack   (pop single)   -LINK-
Top 40 single from the B-52's album, Cosmic Thing, from 1989.  The song was boosted in popularity by the music video shot for it, and it remains a dance and party staple to this day.

low-down-low   (vintage colloquialism)
Asking or getting the "low down" on the "down low."

LSALT   (aviation IFR)
Lowest Safe Altitude.

LSO   (military aviation reference)
Landing System Operations - or officer on US aircraft carriers.

LZ   (military)
Landing Zone.




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_______________________________________________________[ 68 ]
M  "Mike"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter M.

M   (science)
Meters.  Metric unit of measurement equal to 1 yard 3.5 inches.

M&M   (military-fictional)
Motherfuckin' Mothra - aka of the Co-op F51c Griffon-Condor fighter.

M3   (military-fictional)
Minefeild Mode Missile - Setting for spacial displacement missiles to spread out and defend a region of space against attack.

ma beauté aux cheveux roux   (French endearment)
My red-haired beauty.

ma bichette   (French endearment)
My doe.

ma collègue tigresse   (French endearment)
My fellow tigeress.

Ma Deuce   (military-weapons)   -LINK-
M2 - powerful machine gun in .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) used in reference to the BR1-M2 rail gun in 8.80mm (aka the eighty-eight).

ma mie   (French endearment)
My heart (or) my beloved - very old fashioned.

ma moitié   (French endearment)
My other half.

ma poulette   (French endearment)
My young hen.

MAC/AMC   (military strategic services)
Military Airlift Command / Air Mobility Command - United States.

MAD   (military-fictional)
Military Alliance Deputation.

mail run   (military-slang)
Afternoon logistical support mission or drop.

Majin Buu   (entertainment-anime)   -LINK-
Anime cartoon character from the Dragon Ball Z series.  He was bubble gum pink and indestructible.  Nickname of SA36 and all Trung platforms.

Mandala Report   (fictional model)
UN modeling developed to support non-interfearance efforts that backfired when it was determined that most first contacts of technological species usually resulted in a military engagement or war.

Maori   (fictional star name)
Name of star HIP-17401 in the Pleiades cluster.  From the indigenous Maori people of New Zeland.

Maroon   (Jamaican history)   -LINK-
African slaves who fled bondage after the English invaded Jamaica in 1655.

matto da legare   (Italian saying)
Barking mad or raving mad - saying someone is crazy or out of their mind.

Maui   (Maori tradition)
Demigod and cultural hero who is a trickster and famous for his exploits.  In story it's the habitable moon orbiting the 5th planet in the 51-Tau system.

Maus   (historical tank)
German for mouse, the Panzer VIII Maus was a massive and impractical tank from WWII.  In story this is a nickname for the Co-op, Mancubus tank.

mb   (atmospheric measure)
Millibar - thousands of scale from the "bar" unit of pressure with Earth atmospheric pressure at 1,013-1,014mb at sealevel.

MDDSH   (military / transportation-fictional)
Monospacial Displacement Drive Subsonic thru Hyperphoto (mad dash). Hyper or warp drive system based on spacial displacement through the use of counter-polarized gravitational/electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Mead of Poetry   (Norse mythology - fictional brown dwarf name)
Mead made from the god Kvasir after he was murdered by Fjalar and Galar. Name of fictional brown dwarf orbiting 32-Tau.

meega nala kweesta   (entertainment-cartoon)   -LINK-
Vulgar phrase referenced in Lilo and Stitch that has no actual meaning.

Melek Taus   (angel / fictional planet)   -LINK-
Colorful gas-giant orbiting red dwarf (Sriracha) in the Second Hand system.  Named for the Peacock Angel from the Yazidi religion.

Mercedes Bends challenge   (fictional easter egg)
Fictional minigame in future neuronet Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where the protagonist engages in sex with the voluptuous Mercedes Cortez.

métèque   (French slang)
French (i.e. Parisian) referencing an ugly Mediterranean and/or Italian.

METT   (military planning)
Mission Enemy Terrain (and weather) Troops - Planning memetic that's usually referred to as METT-TC (Time and Civilian Considerations).

Mew and Mew 2   (advanced missile AI)
Advanced three-stage Centipede missile for the SA who coordinate their attacks amongst each other on the fly.  Powdered satin-pink, which makes
it invisible, the Mew moniker comes from the block of missiles M3u simply because the techs building this missile are Pokémon fans and arranged for the block number so they could name it that. 
NOTE: In Book 5 the ultra fast Mew 2 competes with the Centipede-Azul
            for high speed attacks.

Mickey Mouse Club, The -   (historical reference)
Aussie and ANZAC troops, as well as British, have been known to sing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song in combat zones or as a cadence while on the march/yomp.  (e.g. end of Full Metal Jacket)
NOTE: In WWII Australian and ANZAC troops, while marching, were known
            to sing "We're Off To See The Wizard."

micra   (science)
1. Micron.  2. Miniscule as in "micrascopic."  3. Used in place of "micro" derivatives.  4. 1k to 1mm in scale from micro.

MiDAR   (scientific mechanism)
Mulltispectral imaging Detection and Active Reflectance - based upon LiDAR systems.

MILF   (slang-vulgar)
Mother I'd Love to Fuck.  G-MILF refers to Grandmother...

Mimisday   (fictional day of week - 83-Tau)
See:  Prypiat

Minié ball   (military-sciences)   -LINK-
As opposed to round ball shot, the Minié ball is conically shaped—and when fired from a civil war era muzzle-loading rifle the gasses expanded the round to catch on the rifling grooves.  (ficitonal) In this story they use the "mini-ball" which is a throw back to the old round shot.

Ministry of Love   aka   Miniluv   (classical literature)   -LINK-
Powerful interior ministry in novel 1984 where, through a massive spying apparatus, they repress free thought and individual choice.  By way of the Thought Police they torture and brainwash violators.

mise en scène   (theatre reference)
French for "setting the stage" by compiling elements for a scene or, in film, a shot that includes design and storyboarding.

Mithra   (sun god / fictional star name)
Main K2 class star (SAO-76502) in the Second Hand system.  Named for the iconic sun/sol representation of God in the Yazidi religion.

Mjöllnir   (mythology)   -LINK-
Thor's Hammer (Norse god of war).

Mk-5/12a   (miitary tech)
Mk series of reentry vehicles used on MIRV missile delivery systems with Mk-5 carrying the W88 warhead and the Mk-12a carrying the W78 warhead.

mm   (financial-science)
A Million.  Contemporary use of old-style Roman numerals signifying
a thousand-thousand if in small case.  MM properly indicates two thousand.

MO   (legal-Latin)
Modus Operandi - method of operating/ion or activity.

Moi à Merde   (WTF translation?)
Now translated as "fuck me" as of 2021, the previous translation of this phrase used in chapter 55 has been lost, but it orignally was translated as (something) shit.  It is the name for a dish called "gick" in the south.

moi a toi   (French translation)
Me to you, and implies from-to.

Moidah   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Kacper Cyzk and awarded to him because he's good at it.

Moko   (historical dolphin - code name)   -LINK-
New Zeland's "playful" dolphin noted for helping other animals and CIA/MI6 code name for alien Luc (Nefer Key)

mon ange je prie   (French translation)
My angel I pray.

mon bon monsieur   (French phrase)
My good sir.

mon Dieu, il a dit qu'il   (French translation)
My God, he said it.  (And if you know French you see the problem!)

mon lupe   (French endearment)
My wolfe.

mon trésor, tu es belle   (French phrase)
My treasure you are beautiful.

Monks, Matthew   (fine arts)   -LINK-
Now an obscure artist from the midwestern United States known for his watercolors.  He taught at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Mook   or   Mook Maddness   (fictional - regiment handle)
Name of Regiment, the 3rd of the 36th, but originally the 3rd of the 15th.
NOTE: Transfers to SA96 as the 3rd of the 96th in book 5.

Moot   (fictional call sign)
Diplomatic call sign for Ahmed Mofid when he was the US ambassador to the United Nations.  As president his code name is Barkeep(er).

MOP   (military acronym)
Means Of Production.

MOP   (military acronym)
Massive Ordinance Penetrator - bunker busting bomb e.g. Disney Swish or GBU-57.  See Thin Blu

more majorum   (motto-military)
According to the traditions of our ansestors (French Foreign Legion motto - 2nd Parachute Regiment)

Morning Star   (code name / religious reference)
Code name for Ndosa Khumalo awarded to him because "Ndosa" is a Zulu name that means Morning Star.  Note that both Lucifer and Jesus have been identified as the Morning Star and is an ongoing debate.

mortenaa   (India/asia - slang)
Super hot Indian girl.

Morticia Noir   (fictional character)
Maiden name for Morticia Addams in IP reboot as opposed to the original maiden name of Frump.

Mountain Troll   (Call Sign)
Nickname of the ultra rich, Nigel Kiel.

mps   (motion scale)
Meters Per Second - as opposed to kph.

mst   (social science-fictional)
Meridian Standard Time.  Fictionalized method of indicating time on alien planetary bodies where days are in 10° 36-hour segments as opposed to a 15° 24-hour day on Earth.

muevete a la chingada   (Spanish-vulgar)
Hurry up you fuck.

Muldjeday   (fictional day of week - 83-Tau)
See:  Prypiat

murder   (collective noun)
As in a "murder of crows" in story this refers to a group or random selection of advanced Centipede missiles (Mew) who communicate and coordinate in an AO, even swapping targets, while in flight.

murder board   (military)
Part of military operational planning, it is a team of experts who job it is to find every gap and potential failure in a mission plan.




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_______________________________________________________[ 31 ]
N  "November"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter N.

Naruto rush   (anime-Japanese)   -LINK-
Known primarily as the Naruto run, this is depicted as a speedy running technique with arms stretched out and trailing motionlessly behind the runner.  Popularized by anime character, Naruto Uzumaki.
NOTE: The Naruto anime misrepresents the actual ninjutsu endurance
            (arms stationary) running style opted to conserve energy.

narwhal   (social VIP)
Similar to a financial whale (e.g Trump) a narwhal is a high-society whale and is considered unique because of it's unicorn like spiraling tusk.

NATS   (UK Civil Service)
National Air Traffic Services - air traffic control for United Kingdom.

nautical mile aka naut-mile   (international measurements)
1,852 meters.  1 minute of degree angular formula now set at 1.2 miles.
That is 6,076 linear feet as opposed to a statute mile of 5,280 feet.

Nav-P   (military reference)
Navigation Point.

NBC   (military)
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical classes of weapons.  Popularly referred to by press as WMD for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Necronomicon   (art)   -LINK-
Book of horrific illustrations from the Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger inspired by the book (of the same name) by the horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

NEDM - Not Even DOOM Music   (internet-YTMND)   -LINK-
A web expression where "not even DOOM music" can make something
cool.  The web/gamer communities are big fans of cats, and it holds true
that it's not the people who posted on YTMND who need to be at the VIP
queue - but the dumb-asses who lit the match and took the video.

Nefer Key   (ancient Egyptian / fictional alien)
Beautiful Monkeys - name of advanced alien species whose home world Dolphin Reel orbits a red dwarf star (apón-Pup) in the outer Perseus Arm past the Rotten Egg Nebula.
NOTE: Very similar to human beings, they are on average 5'4" tall with
            a thin yet athletic-muscular build.  They have gray skin, no hair,
            large black anime eyes, and are shockingly gorgeous.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art   (art gallery)   -LINK-   -LINK-
One of the most incredible art galleries, located in Kansas City Missouri and was built in the 1930's.  In the opinion of the author, its collection is nothing short of breathtaking.  In the 1970's I studied under Matthew Monks.

nemo resideo   (Latin - motto)
No one left behind - Marine Corps motto.

neotenous   (biology trait)
From "neoteny" where in advanced species they retain juvenile traits mostly to expand parental care or induce attractiveness. In Japan this is known as the "science of cutness" or kawaii.

Net Basha   (fictional city / Russian-Polish)
For "No Stranger" the name of the central south-pole city on Nufa and is a chop-up of the Russian word for "No" and a Polish name for "Stranger."

neuronet   (technology-fiction)
Human-computer interface that provides everything from the delivery of information, to complete passive or interactive sensory experiences.

never knows best   (cultural reference)
From anime Fooly Cooly and refers to when a person does not know the best of action(s) to take - inverse truism to Father Knows Best.

n'importe quoi   (French-casual)

Ngati Wha   (Maori, NZ - fictional planet)
Pernounced "naughty fah" the Ngati is a personal noun, Maori tribal prefix, and Wha is in context either a leaf or the number 4.  In story it is the forth planet in orbit around the star, Maori, HIP-17401.

Nippur   (biblical city - fictional city)
City Of Most High in biblical text (Genesis) and one of the worlds earliest cities.  New Nippur is the mining city on Polaris-B4 aka Javan.

no tiene dos dedos de frente   (Mexican saying)
He doesn't have two fingers of forehead (meaning) He's not the sharpest tool in the shed.  (i.e. a dufus)

non-Newtonian fluid   (science)
Thick fluid-like substance that becomes impenetrable when struck with force.  Most easily demonstrated with corn starch and water.

NORAD   (military command)
North American Aerospace Defense Command - United States.

nos morituri te salutant   (Latin saying)
We who are about to die salute you - and there is no evidence that anyone in a gladitorial fight actually said this for real preceding a fight.

nostrum suffragium quod sic   (Latin translation)
Our vote is yes.

novaLUM   (testing tech)
Electronic tool used to swab equipment and surfaces to test for biological and or chemical contaminants.

nuddy   (Australian slang)
Naked, as in "in the nuddy".

Nufa   (fictional planet and city)
Short for "New Ufa" (Ufa from the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia) is the habital city/planet out at HIP-20842.  The parent star "Tura-Tau" was named from Ufa's original name from the 16th Century.

nugget   (military-aviation)
A candidate pilot trainee.

Nuqi Taliban   (Sunni Islamic Sect)
Pure Taliban - Wahhabist offshoot of extremist Sunni Islam.

Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn   (internet memes)   -Nyan Cat-   -Tac Nayn-
Nyan Cat (i.e. Pop Tart Cat) is the mascot for the Science Groups (S3/CAR) of the CXi, with his evil twin/nemisis being Tac Nyan (i.e. The Eater of Souls) being the default mascot to the Service Divisions as well as the Annex.

Nyx   (greek deity - ficional star name)
Greek goddess of the night and considered a "primordial" deity that is also known as a goddess of chaos.  Name for 18-Tau in the Pleiades.




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_______________________________________________________[ 24 ]
O  "Oscar"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter O.

Obia   (African demon)
West African monster who kills (mostly young girls) and wears their skin like a garment.

of Foot   (military parlance)
British term for infantry, and this usually references a regiment.

of the majority   (legal)
An adult.  For most jurisdictions this is the 18th birthday, but not necessarily the legislated age of consent.

OHCHR   (international relations)
Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, for the United Nations.

Oi'ello   (rare Aussie expression)
Aussie hillbilly (rough-nut) mix of both greetings "Oi" and "Hello" which is blended into one when the speaker is surprised when meeting someone.

okoge   (LGBT slang)
Burnt rice that sticks to the bottom of a pot - Japanese LGBT slang for a "fag hag" which may also translate to "faggot" by literal interpretation.

olá   (fictional mexican hybrid restaurant)   -Cafe Poca Cosa-
Portuguese for "hello" this stands for Ophelia, Léon and Agatha.  In story it is a fusion of Mexican, Central and South American quisine with a touch of French.  In reality it is inspired by the Cafe Poca Cosa in Tucson Arizona.
NOTE: Like a lot of small businesses, with the COVID horseshit Cafe Poca
            Cosa was forced to close.  In spite of that The Little One, the mini
            satellite of the original Poca Cosa, has survived!

Omegas   (cloning program)
From the Alpha-Omega program (Α-Ω) with the omegas being clones
of Jessica Burke and the alphas are that of her father, Jacob Graves.  Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.  Note that the original donor was supposed to be her mother, Nicole Burke.

on pidaras   (Russian insult)
He's a faggot - also pedik.

OOB or OO-Bees   (military reference)
Order Of Battle - of units in either (historically) an organizational structure and battlefield layout, or (contemporary) as defined by units in a battlespace or field, as in Tareyton Greens.  Note that the modern usage can define the stragegic preparation preceding an upcoming battle and tactical execution once the combatants have engaged.

OODA loop   (military strategy)   -LINK-
Observe Orient Decide Act - A process to speed reaction and "get inside" an opponents decision cycle.  Rapid OODA is in re combat environments.

OP   (military)
Observation Post.

Opo   (historical dolphin - code name)   -LINK-
New Zeland's "friendly" dolphin noted for playing with human children and CIA/MI6 code name for alien Lilith (Nefer Key)

órale güey   (Mexican greeting)
What's up dude - from central Mexico.

Orc Kestrel   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Kati Connors that combines the Orc from Lord of the Rings to the kestrel falcon.

orderu zajebiste   (language-Polish)
Order of Fucking Awesome - Annex break out from Orderu Usmiechu.

Orion   (spacecraft-NASA)
As part of the cancelled Constellation program, to replace the Shuttle, the Orion spacecraft will be the only surviving component.  The Ares I crew launch vehicle and the Ares V cargo/lunar lander delivery system have been scrubbed by the Obama Whitehouse.  It is the sincere hope of many that the Constellation program will get back on track when that short-sighted dick-weed is gone.

Orian Spur   (astronomy)
Unconnected arm in the Milky Way Galaxy flanked by the Perseus and Sagittarius arms.  Location of our sun (Sol).

oro blanco   (produce - fruit)
Mild, sweet and seedless green grapefruit pattented by UC Riverside (CA).

otherkin   (alternate lifestyle)   -LINK-
Subculture where members believe that they are creatures other than human.  Many times these people identify themselves as elves, fairies and vampires just to name a few.  Some have a deep anthropomorphic yearning, but they rarely act out as in the furry fandom fetish groups.

Ottoman slap   (military technique)
Open hand strike practiced by the 18th/19th century Ottoman troops used to stun an adversary and expose them to attack.

oubliette   (historical dungeon)
French for a "forgotten place" and at times mistakenly referenced as a torture chamber, it is in actuality a deep cavity (cell) with a hatch in the ceiling specifically to isolate and extringuish the condemned in complete darkness.

Ouchie   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Yemi Kagame awarded to her because of her surprised response on her first air-to-air kill, saying, "Oh chei!".




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_______________________________________________________[ 56 ]
P  "Papa"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter P.

P-56   (civil/military aviation)
Prohibited flight zone - Consists of two "no fly" zones in Washington DC that are zelously protected.  P-56A covers The Mall, the Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial and the White House, where P-56B encircles the Naval Observatory northwest of The Mall.

Paag   (Sihk fashion)
Formal wrapped turban - referred to as the twenty minute turban.

PADF   (fictional military org)
Pleiades Alliance Defence Force.  Was "Air" preceeding the FIS.

PAG   (military acronym)
Presidential Airlift Group - 89th Airlift Wing / United States Air Force.

Pardonnez-moi madame, mais je peux...   (translator French)
The whole phrase being "Pardonnez-moi madame, mais je peux préparer la cuisine des pauvres aussi" which translates as "forgive me ma'am, but I can prepare the cooking of the poor too" when Ursula was trying to say that she "can make paupers food too" but it just doesn't come out quite right which is why Monique jumps her shit to learn French properly.

Parna   (Sihk fashion)
Simple wrapped turban - referred to as the two minute turban.

parsec   (astrophysics)   -LINK-
Astronomical unit of distance totaling 3.262 light years.  Based upon a trigonometric parallex of one second of arch.  Proxima Centauri, at it's closest point to Earth, is believed to be 4.22 light years.

PBDi   (fictional neuro-tech)
Personal Bio-Digital Interface - neuronet interface smartphone device known as a "peabody" which took the market from the original iBD.

pc   (astrophysics)
See: parcec.

PCH   (road designation)
Pacific Coast Highway - California coast.

pchela monstrs   (Russian)
Phonetic translation from Russian for Monster Bee "chilla monsters" and the Russian nickname for the bisE model of the ASF47 Thunderbolt.

pearls before swine   (biblical passage)
Matthew 7:6 - King James Bible, New Testement excerpt from Sermon on the Mount "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." and misquoted by Maria in chapter 38 where she uses parts of the World English Bible e.g. "...and tear you to pieces" which is a really common mistake.  As for the meaning, well...you figure it out!

peau de soie   (french phrase)
Also known as "pou-de-soie" or "paduasoy" or "padesoy" is historically in reference to a specific cord silk, but recently it's in reference to "the same" or "made of this" when matching cloths and cloths to shoes.

pee   (British coinage)
Slang for a "pence" which is the UK equivalant to a penny, whose symbol is noted as "p" in text form, e.g. 50p.

Pelorus Jack   (historical dolphin - code name)   -LINK-
New Zeland dolphin noted for helping ships negotiate the Cook Strait and CIA/MI6 code name for Charles Washington (see: Somolia Slew)

penta gun   (military-fictional)
A  2.73mm five-barreled minigun styled rail-gun attached to the forearm of the JACC, with a grenade launcher mounted along the same axis.  Also used on the scorpion gun.  Both weapons are converted to the 4.16mm bolt.

père trop tard   (French translation)
Too late father - and sort of pernounced like "pear tru tar."

petit pétasse   (French-slang)
Little slut.  May also infer whore.

phit   (computer science)
Phase Digits - from technologies called Spintronics and MRAM - where the spinning axis of an electron particle is precessed to a set angle.  It is suggested that if the minute-of-degree in angle of read is realized that a single electron can be compiled into 10,800 possible variations of code.

Phoenix   (fictional code name)
Secret Service code name for presidential candidate, Claudia Willoughby in 2100 and 8 years as POTUS.  Her original code name in 2092 was Barbie.

Phung Thi Chinh   (Vietnamese heroine)
Ally of the Trung Sisters who fought along side them.  In story Chinh is the SYLNa/b for the Iron Maiden.

picho   (Latin American cuisine)
Myan for turkey.  Interchangible with cócono and the modern Aztec totole.

pico   (science-measures)
One trillionth.  A picosecond is 10-12 of a second.

pink line   (aviation telemetry)
Approach vector into an airport on advanced EFIS systems.

Pinky Pie   (cartoon character / SA call sign)   -LINK-
Pathologically positive character from My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic, used as an SA call sign by Maggie Prather.

pire que jamais   (French translation)
Worse than ever.

Plan B   (Maria's plan)
Diversionary plan whose basic tenents was a subterfuge to mislead Co-op as to the actual objectives - those being to hide losses, giving up territory to thin their forces, destroy their stocks/buildup, and financially grind them into unrecoverable debt via a campaign of attrition.

playa puesta del sol   (Spanish)
Sunset beach (beach of the setting sun).

Plaza, The   (shopping and cultural center)
See:  Country Club Plaza.

Pleiades   (astronomy)
Star cluster 117pc (381 light years) from our sun.  This tight cluster contains hundreds of stars with the 7 primary-visible stars named after the daughters of Atlas and Clytemnestra (Maia, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Merope, Alcyone and Sterope).  Aka: Subaru (Japanese)

plus jamais   (French translation)
Never again.

PLTIA   (international treaty)
Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act.

PM   (industrial notation)
Preventive Maintenance.

PMC   (military)
Private Military Corporation.

PNC   (Cuban agency)
Policia Nacional Cuba - future police agency evolved from the PNR.

Po   (fictional moon-Maori term)
Maori for 'darkness' and name of iron moon orbiting Ngati Wha.

Pogo   (call sign / fictional meme)
Call sign of Taiji Colonel, then Major General, Sally Rand.  Originates from last known annimated .gif meme of young blond riding a guy pony style that was (is to be) named "Pogo Girl" in re pogo-stick.

Polyken   (aviation tape)
Known as "speed tape" or "typhoon tape" this aluminum foil tape is used for quick repairs or covering up bullet holes in the fuselage of aircraft.  Referred to as the duct tape of aviation, in story small patches are used to cover the muzzle of the railguns to prevent debris from entering the bore.

Possession is eleven points...   (Scottish maxim)
The whole phrase goes, "possession is eleven points of the law, and they say there are but twelve" and is Scottish in origin, which is the source for the "possession is nine-tenths of the law" in American parlance.

poyekhali   (Russian)
Let's go!  First uttered by Yuri Gagarian.

Praesidio   (Latin institution)
Latin for "guards" as in the Praetorian Guard.  Company of guards for the Chamber/Council of Censors at the Nefer Key building, the Procuratio.

Predator mode   (combat-recon)
Also known as stealth(y) mode, from the scifi IP, individuals or fire teams perform recon or hunt the opposing forces in full on gorilla style.  The color changing, light bending and holographic projections of the JACC mimic the IP to some degree.

prends-moi maintenant   (French)
Take me now.

Primate   (Anglican title)
Senior Bishop or Archbishop of the Anglican Church.

prime directive   (scifi MacGuffin)
Known as the 'non-interference directive' in the Star Trek universe it was used as both a plot device or a herculean obstacle.  Nobody knows the exact language but in story the Federation, who issues this directive, many times looks like a bag of shit because of it.  Created in the 60's the utopian ideals of those days permeate the original series and continue through the many series' in this IP that followed...as well as its legions of fans.

Princeps Censor   (Roman/Nefer Key office)
Highest official from the Council of Censors.  They hold sway in the Council and has the final say over the Consul (i.e. Luc) with the power of intercessio, aka the power of veto.  Currently held by Yvette, who is the mother of Luc.  Note that Yvette ascended to the office because Luc was her third son from her third litter—which happens once every ten thousand years.

Procuratio   (Latin institution)
Latin for "management" as in authority and/or procurement arm.  Singular administrative facility used by the Nefer Key, at city of Iret Nwt, that is the "seat of government" housing the Chamber/Council of Censors.  Also note that it is referred to as "Space Mountain" by Jason Kay.

Proverbs 11:29   (Biblical reference)
He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart. (King James)

Prypiat   (fictional moon)   -LINK-
Primary moon orbiting the gas giant, Chernobyl, orbiting 83-Tau (Zmeu)
is tidally locked and named after the abandoned city in the Ukraine.  The metropolitan center of New Brisbane is the seat of power for the Co-op. 
The spelling is based upon the Ukrainian translation from "Pryp'yat."
DAYS:  1 orbit+spin day is parced into an 11 day week: Sunday,
Monday, Tuesday, Wirnpaday, Mimisday, Wednesday,
Muldjeday, Wagylday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
NOTE:  From the indigenous Aboriginal mythological spirit creatures: 
Wirnpa, Mimi, Muldjewangk, Wagyl.

Psalm 94:1   (Biblican reference)
Oh Lord, God of vengence, O God of vengence, shine forth.  Note that, like all biblical verses, there are dozens of interpretations.  For our purposes the English Standard Version is applied.

psi-clone   (cloning-parapsycology)
An anomaly of empathetically designed clones who, by accident or intent, develop psionic (pseudo macro-psychokinetic) abilities but not direct control of others as would a Puppet Master (i.e. 52 vs Jessica).

psychokinesis   (parapsycology)
Unlike telepathy, which deals with the transmission of thought and images between individuals, psycho and telekinesis both deal with the physical movement and manipulation of mater and individuals.  For our purposes Psychokinesis now strictly deals with the manipulation of individual minds, and Telekinesis deals with the physical control over material.  Macro-psychokinesis is the coercive manipulation of the individual(s) against their will (aka Puppet Master).

pucker factor   (slang)
Scale of 1-10 expressing threat to ones safety or life.  Rates the degree of tightening to ones anus in relation to a perceived threat.

Pushy Harder   (nickname)
Gamers Steam ID for Jason Kay.

put to the question   (Old English)
To interrogate - usually through torture to extract a confession.




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________________________________________________________[ 7 ]
Q  "Quebec"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter Q.

Qelvin   (fictional SI standard)
Failed scale of temperature from Absolute Zero -273.15C or -459.67F to the freezing point of water at 300 degrees instead of 273.15K in the Kelvin scale or 0C or 32F.  One degree would be 0.9105 of the Celsius increments.

QP-Gun   (fictional weapon)
Quantum Particle Gun - energy weapons utilizing split subatomic "virtual" particles.  The name mimics the Kewpie Dolls from the 1910s.

qué bolá contigo   (Cuban idiom)
What flies with you - meaning 'what's up' or 'what's going on.'

quinceañera   (Latin/European celebration)
For "her fifteenth year" with quince for 15 and año (year) w/feminine Latin suffix for re her year.  Coming of age celebration for girls becoming women.  The or a "Quince" is the subject of said celebration.

quod erat demonstrandum   (Latin phrase)
Which was to be demonstrated (or) what was to be shown - and indicates that the proof of the argment is complete.  Noted in text as QED.

QWERTY   (technology)
Typewriter keyboard layout, patented in 1878, designed to prevent the type bars from jamming.  Names comes from first 6 letters on third row.




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_______________________________________________________[ 43 ]
R  "Romeo"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter R.

R&R   (military)
1. Rest and Relaxation.  2. Recreation and Reboot (modern).

Raccoon City   (from Resident Evil)
Complex at cryo-hell, Betelgeuse-11 in Orion.  With a training center on the surface, the below ground facility was used as SA's first operations base, an R&R center and subsurface mine and foundry.

rail gun   (military-weapon)
A weapon system (new technology) in which an electromagnetic pulse drives a projectile or bolt up to hyper-sonic velocities.  NOTE: Currently in development for Naval destroyers, artillery, and tanks.

Rains, The   (mission codename - biblical reference)
Codename for proposed CDF invasion of the Orion System.  Relates to Tevat Noah (Noah's Ark) which is now, Fondue Pot.

Rakija Oblast   (fictional region-Taiji)
Rakija, as in Eastern Europe fruit based and potent distilled drink, and Oblast for Russian admin territorial division or region.

RAM   (military)
Rocket (or Ramjet) Assisted Munitions.

Rapier   (sword - crusier)
Long-slender and fast dueling sword and name for a Co-op wedge cruiser.

RaSP   (UK Security Detail)
Royalty and Specialist Protection, with the SEG (Special Escort Group) functioning like the Secret Service on Presidential Detail.

ratel   (aggressive animal)
Honey Badger - from 'raat' the Afrikaans-Dutch for honeycomb.

Raufoss   (military projectile)
Meaning "Red Waterfall" in Norwegian, the "Roufoss Mk-211 is a high-explosive, incendiary and armor-piercing projectile designed by Nammo
for the .50 BMG, primarily for the M2 Browning machinegun.

Raven   (military-fictional)
Nickname for the U.S. designed Co-op Revenant tanks.
NOTE: "Nevermore" is called out when a Revenant is destroyed.

Raven   or   Nevermore   (fictional - regimental handle)
Nickname of the 1st of the 36th.

reactive armor   (military)
Highly explosive charges deployed in segments that dissipate the effects of anti-armor weapons.

recce(s)   (military slang)
Recce is shorthand for "recon" or "reconnaissance" where in the plural it sounds like one is saying "Rhesus" i.e. the monkey.  Recce teams were also called LRRP teams and were usually manned by elite troops.

red-eye run   (military-slang)
Post midnight (zero-dark thirty) logistical support mission or drop.

Red Hell   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Nicole Burke awarded to her because she was highest scoring melee-fighter in the history of SA "death-match" training.

red leg   (military)
Artillery or fire support call-sign or unit.

red shell   (fictionl military tech - gaming weapon)
Nickname for the Hydrapede AG-drive droid/missile in counterpoint to the Co-op Centepede-Azul missile called the Blue Shell.  From Mario Kart.

Red Shirt(s)   (fictional handle)   -LINK-
Meme reference to the CXi Service Militia units staffed by Blackstone, an Annex affilliate.  Refers to Star Trek (TOS) security details where, in red shirts, they were expendible and quickly died while on missions.

Regina   (Latin reference)
Latin for Queen - often referenced to UK Royalty.

Renfield   (literature-horror)   -LINK-
Character in Bram Stoker's, Dracula, who seeks to join the un-dead.  Noted for consuming flies, spiders and birds to draw on their life-force.

Représailles de Paladin   (French / gaming)   -LINK-
Retribution Paladin - a class in the World of Warcraft MMORPG that's become so popular that its reference transcends the WoW universe.  Paladin are from the Chanson de Geste (songs of heroic deeds).

res   (verbal shorthand - english)
Reservation - i.e. Indian Nation(s).

res ipsa loquitur   (Latin-legal)
The thing speaks for itself - a doctrine that states responsibility/neglegence obviously lies with a party where prima facie is at first glance.

resonance   (military-weapons)
A scissors effect caused by the blast wave of a nuclear weapon when its set off at the right altitude.  By combining the main shock wave with the return wave from off the ground essentially doubles the force of the blast.

retention shot / shooting   (combat shooting)
CQB shooting technique where the firearm is pulled along side the waist or ribcage and one point fires the weapon from there (point blank) to prevent it from being grabbed or knocked away.

revenue share   (investment instrument)
Non voting, non transferable and non fluxuating note on an investment.  Its function is to normally see a return on investment before costs are parced out, but here in story the note pays actual dividends.

RFLP   (science)
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (DNA test)

Rhesus and pieces   (military planning)
Obscure mission or strategic planning reference with "Rhesus" used in reference to units of troops and "pieces" for mech and support units like artillery units or logistical nodes.  Sometimes they've been referred to as "monkeys and kit" for all the obvious reasions.

Rissole   (Australian vet org)
Stands for RSL for Returned and Services League, an Australian Veterans organization.

Rocket Raccoon   (Marvel character)   -LINK-
An expert pilot, fighter and marksman that is currently featured prominently in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.  In story it is the mascot for both the Service Militia and Security Services troops.

ROE   (military)
Rules Of Engagement, or plural: ROEs (pronounced rows).

Rome Statutes   (ICC treaty)   -LINK-
Treaty giving substantively vague definitions to "core international crimes" re genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and aggression.

Rongo   (Maori tradition)
Maori primary deity who is the god of agriculture.

Room 101   (classical literature)   -LINK-
Key torture chamber in the Ministry of Love, novel 1984, where the subject is faced with their own worst fear, phobia or terror.

Rough Nut   (Australian slang)
Australian for a "hillbilly" from the deap outback.

RRF   (military)
Rapid Reaction Force.

RRI   (fictional industry)
Rapture Red Industries - distributor for Xhemal brewery.

RTB   (military / aviation)
Return To Base.

Ruger Alaskan   (heavy revolver)   -REACTION VIDEO-
From the Ruger "Super Redhawk" series of revolvers, the snub-nose Alaskan has three chambering options.  In chapt-93, Piper has hers chambered in .454 Casull which kicks like a mule.

ruse de guerre   (French saying)
Ruse of war - inferring deception or deceit.

rushes   (film lexicon)
Initial prints of scenes before editing and sometimes called dailies.




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_______________________________________________________[ 93 ]
S  "Sierra"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter S.

S3   (CXi science group)
Scientific Survey and Sample(ing) group.  CXi field sciences team(s) that collects the samples and data points (with prelim analysis) for the CAR.

SA   (organization / region-fictional)
Steel Annex.  Located in the Pleiades Cluster.

sabot   (military)   -LINK-
French for "shoe" it is used in fire arms or tanks to drive a smaller caliber object down a larger caliber barrel.  Many times this drives the penetrator to higher speeds when exiting the muzzle.

Sagittarius-A   (astronomy)   -LINK-
Energetic radio souce 26k light years away demarking the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

Salt Mine   (military / fictional)
C3 / CIC facility on Taiji located under the Nine-Iron Smash in Tareyton Greens, House of Anzac.

saltare cüm diablo   (Latin)
Dance with the devil.

SAM   (military)
Surface to Air Missile and refers to the missile, system, and/or site.

SAM   (military acronym)
Special Air Mission - United States Air Force.  Unit entrusted with flights re non-combatant missions for VIP's, congressional staff, or people of interest to the United States.  SAM is associated with the PAG missions.

Samael   (Archangel-demon)
The Poison or Venom of God - arch-angel in Talmud that is sometimes identified as Ha Satan.  Nickname of Samantha Hartcourt, youngest daughter of Boxter and Piper.

Samba no Pé   (Brazilian dance)   -LINK-
Solo dance step in 2/4 rhythm of three steps per measure.

Sandalphon   (Arch-angel)
Archangel of Music and reputed brother of Metatron.  Some believe he was the prophet Elijah.

Sandy Cheeks   (cartoon character)   -LINK-
One of the main/key characters in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise.  In story she is the mascot for the CXi oceanography science teams.

SAO   (astronomy)
Smithsonian Astrological Observation.  Prefix for number identifying individual stars by their coordinates in the sky.

Sapfir Shest   (Russian translation)
Sapphire Six - bot translation of phonetic Russian and 6th planet orbiting 53-Tau binary pair.  Original planet named Sapphire before Electra-4.

Sapphire   (fictional world)
Orginally named Waterworld it's the forth planet orbiting Electra in the Pleiades and is the seat of power for the Frontier's FIS and R&R base facility for the SA.

Sashi and Imi   (code names)
From the Japanese dish, sashimi, CIA/MI6 code name for the binary pair planets of "Dophin Reel" and home of the Nefer Key. (see: apón-Pup)

Sasquatch   (fictional code name)
Secret Service code name for VC88 / Air Force One tail no: 99e0002.

SC   (military designation)
SAM (Special Air Mission) / Cargo - United States Airforce.

Scarab   (religious deity / SA call sign)
Beetle that rolls dung into holes and lay their eggs in it.  The Egyptian
god, Khepri, is represented by the scarab beetle and is believed to be responsible for moving the sun across the sky.  Clandestine call sign for Jessica Burke for her effort in managing 52.

Scarecrow   (fictional code name)
Secret Service code name for VC88 / Air Force One tail no: 99e0001.

SCC   (organization / region-fictional)
Steel Chain Cooperative. Located in the Hyades Cluster.

SCIF   (security chamber)
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility - conference room/nook and usually configured out of a conex shipping container used to prevent outside surveillance of meeting(s).

scorpion gun   (military-fictional)
A  2.73mm five-barreled minigun styled rail-gun mounted on the boom attached to the back of the JACC.  Identical mechanism as the penta gun.  NOTE: As part of the Point configuration the trooper also has two chain guns.  Weapon converted to the 4.16mm bolt.

scripty   (film jargon)
Script Supervisor - many times functions at manager of continuity.

SEAD   (military-air combat)
Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses - known as Wild Weasel missions.

Second Hand   (fictional world)
Designated Sierra Hotel-B4A, it is the habital moon of a gas-giant planet (Melek Taus) orbiting a ficitonal red-dwarf star (Sriracha) orbiting K2 star (Mithra) SAO-76502 at 110 AU.  Home of the Xhemal sapiens this world was originally named Chermera.

Secret Sam   (1960's toy line)
Toy license during the secret agent fad of the '60s.  Secret Sam was unique because it was not linked to any movie or television program.

Security Services   (military-fictional)
An overtly agressive PMC for the Co-op also known as the SS.

SEG   (British security)
Special Escort Group - security detail from the RaSP, United Kingdom.

sei stato un rompicoglioni   (Italian expression)
You've been a pain in my ass.

Service Division(s)   (fictional CXi associates)
Military divisions assigned to Trung platforms by various affiliated countries as a separate entity apart from the CXi.  These troops follow the standards and rules of engagement of the Steel Annex, drive the Trung platforms and function as force projection in support of the CXi mission.

Service Militia   (fictional CXi PMC)
Security PMC (Private Military Corporation) operated by the Blackstone affiliate that provides security for CXi as they conduct planetside surveys and sample collection missions.  Aka by service divisions as Red Shirts.

Seven of Nine   (entertainment-scifi)   -LINK- -LINK-
Character from Star Trek Voyager played by Jeri Ryan.

SFRA   (civil aviation)
Special Flight Rules Area - the 30nm ring around DC.

Silver Fish   (areal maneuver)
Named after the "Silver Fish" morter-shell firework, this is a maneuver where all members in a flight formation scatter in what appears to be random or chaotic patterns.

Simon ITS   (historical reference)   -they're baaaack-
Simon Interplanetary Transportation Services is an homage to the legendary Dick "Sweet" Simon Trucking Company out of Utah.  Note that their trucks were the ones on the highways with the skunks waving a flag.

Siphnos   (geography-Greek)
Island in the Aegean Sea with gold and silver mines.

Sir   (military)
Honorifice derived by the word Sire.  Used in many disciplined services, such as the military, to denote one of superior rank—usually officer.  For
our purposes, since there is no officer corps in the SA, the label "Sir" is considered an insult.

situational awareness   (military tactics-combat)   -LINK-
An awareness, knowledge and understanding of a combat environment.  Some exhibit skills that border on prescience.  Efforts, such as the OODA Loop, have been made to teach this as a skill set.

sitzpinkler   (German insult)
Refers to a "sitter" or "sitting wee'er" (pees while sitting) which is considered wimpy and not manly or masculine.  For a male to sit while peeing/urinating is a common practice in Europe, it is a relatively recent cultural phenomena.

skittles   (candy or condition)
1. Multi-colored candy,  2. Bowling game from UK,  3. Severe diarrhea.  Note that this last meaning preceded the event from 2014 when a couple was hospitalized by tainted Skittles candy in Indiana.

slash   (Australian slang)
Aussie for taking a piss, as in "have a slash" or "out for a slash".

slick   (combat transport)
Air assault transport carrying only door guns as opposed to gunships.  Slicks are historically UH1 or UH60 (Huey or Blackhawk) helicopters.

sluchajcie   (Polish)

SMA   (astrophysics / geometry)
Semi-Major and Semi-Minor Axis - denotes the longest and shortest radi in an elipse.  In astronomy an SMA is indicates the average orbital radi.

Smaks   (historical reference)   -LINK-
Author's tribute to hamburger chain from the mid-west (KCMO) that lost market share to McDonalds because of the Happy Meal.

Smeagol   (fictional character / moon)
Nickname for small moon Sokol (falcon) orbiting Chernobyl in 83-Tau system. Smeagol is from the Lord of the Rings series.

S'Mu   (nickname - fictional star)
Short for red dwarf, Sriracha Mu.  (see: Sriracha Mu)

SNAFU   (military-slang)
Situation Normal—All Fucked Up

SNN   (fictional SI time standard)
Scientific Notation and Navigation time standard - an ultra precise fictional atomic clock standard (TAG) with a Ceasium-133 cycle of 9.192,631,808, as opposed to TAI ending in 770, with cycles conveniently factorable by counts of eight (8/16/32/64/128/256/512) and subparced in zeptoseconds which is 0+21 decimal places.  (0.000,000,000,000,000,000,001)

Soccer Mom   (fictional code name)
Secret Service code name for SC92 / Air Force Two tail no: 91a40032.

SOCOM   (military acronym)
Special Operations Command

Sod's Law   (British axiom)
British take on Murphy's Law where "Sod" has become a universal colloquialism aka "unlucky sod" or "by sod."

SOG   (military group)
Special Operations Group - special forces organization that sometimes has interagency and/or international cooperation.

SOI   (military)
Special Operational Instructions.

Sol   (astronomy)
Our Sun - one au from Earth (Sol-3).

solar   (time reference - alien year)
Nefer Key "solar year" around Rouge Deux consisting of 36 local-days of 28 Earth hours each.  In Earth time this is 42 days or 1008 Earth hours.  Note that the planets of Dolphin Reel, Sashi and Imi, have their time standards in synch with one another.

sold american   (marketing-tobacco)
Lucky Strike radio jingle from the 1930s suggesting that the tobacco bought by American Tobacco Company is the best money can buy.

Somolia Slew   (nickname)
Gamer Steam ID for General, Charles Washington because of his Somolian roots.

son mejores que singar   (Spanish/Cuban)
Are better than fucking - with singar from Cuban slang.

SOP   (military)
Standard Operating Procedures.

soy un fundillo   (Mexican / self-deprecating)
I'm an asshole.

Special Drawing Rights   (international financial formula)
Known as the SDR, this is an intl reserve asset from Bretton Woods and is
a formula that sets currency exchange rates.  SDR formula allows for GNP and assessed natural resources included with bullion reserves to set rates.  Recent adoption of "basket" mechanism used to stabilize volatile market.

split-s   (air combat maneuver - call sign)
Maneuver where the pilot of an aircraft reverses direction by rolling and diving their aircraft followed by pitching up.  This tactic is to force an opponant to break off or dive and compress into the ground.  Call sign for Dante Sergio.

Spooky   (military-fictional)
MAD nickname for troopers of the Annex.

Sprocket   (Double-A mascot)   -LINK-
Mascot for the 'Rocket City Trash Pandas' in Madison, Alabama is a farm team for the Los Angeles Angels.  Because the area is replete with wild raccoons that raid peoples trash cans, and the proximity to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, this team exploded on the scene, and they raked in millions with mascot merch, long before the first game.  In story it becomes the mascot for the CXi Astronomy Group.

Spy Boy   (Mardi Gras)   -LINK-
Lead "lookout" dancer for Indian Mardi Gras parade team/gang.

SR71 - Blackbird   (military-aviation)   -LINK-
Mach 3+ reconnaissance aircraft notable for being the first aircraft with stealth technology.

SRAM   (fictional weapons system)
Sino-Russian Armored Mech(a) - Old style combat mech systems that ranged from a light 1-ton single user to 150-ton monstrosities.  In story SRAM is specific to the Ryazan-Tottori Mecha gk joint venture between Russia and Japan.

Sriracha-Aukh   (fictional star)
Red dwarf orbiting the K2 main star in the Second Hand system and named after the famous hot sause.  In this story so many red dwarfs have been named Sriracha that for official adoption a unique dilimiter (e.g. Alpha-Sriracha or Sriracha-Cinq) is required.  Note that this name competes with "Tobasco" which is common in the Hyades.

Sriracha-Mu   (fictional star)
Red dwarf companion orbiting Nyx, 18 Tau, and host star to planet Taiji.  Also named after the famous hot sause.  Mu for Greek letter, M.

Stalinium   (fictional alloy)
Fictional indestructible Russian metal alloy forged from the blood of Joseph Stalin and quenched in Vodka.  Also note that in gaming parlance it denotes a Russian bias on RU planes and tank damage modeling.

Standard Model   (theoretical physics)   -LINK-
Theory in physics that combine all the known forces save for gravity.

Star Castle of Prypiat   (fictional facility)
Bastion fortress on the Deutsch Insel (German Island) in the Stumps that, when viewed from above, is a perfect 5-point star.

Starship Troopers   (literature-scifi)   -LINK-
Revolutionary science fiction book from Robert A. Heinlein.  This work was influential to other great authors such as Joe Haleman in his book The Forever War.  Our reference is to troopers dropping from space in their armored space suits enclosed in capsules.

Steadman, Ralph   (fine arts)   -LINK-
Gonzo artist that illustrated most of Hunter S. Thompson's books.

steal your face   (Michigan colloquialism)
Also known as "the shakedown thing" this saying originated from Detroit
and is used as an admission / boast to say, e.g., "I robbed them blind!"
NOTE:  Reputed to have spawned out of the used car market.

stellar   (time reference - alien year)
Nefer Key "stellar year" of red dwarf star, Rouge Deux, completing one full orbit around larger red dwarf, Gros Rouge, that totals 180 Earth years.

STD   (science-medicine)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Steam   (gaming service)   -LINK-
Gaming content delivery provider for PC from VALVe.

Steel Annex   (organization / region-fictional)
1. The Pleiades.  2. Military force that was split off of the MAD to patrol areas outside of SCC sphere of influence.

Steel Chain   (region-fictional)
String of stars and asteroids in and around the Hyades.

StG   (weapon model or brand)
Stormgevär in Swedish or Sturmgewehr in German for storm gun.  The StG prefix now produced by the Belgum Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre-Herstal Beligique.  In story StG-810 is in 4.54mm mini-ball but the StG-880 is 4.58mm bolt used exclusively by Security Services.

stone coat   (Indian demon)
Seneca Indian mythical demon of frost-bitten man-eaters.

StuG   (historical tank)
Sturmgeschülz III, pernounced "sh-toog" in German, infantry assult gun that became a celebrated tank destroyer.  This squat turretless tank was the most produced armored fighting vehicle in WWII.  In story it is the name of the Ben-Gal tank built under license by the IMI and renamed the Pazuzu.

sunk cost fallacy   (business - management)
A misconception that one makes intelligent and rational decisions based upon future results or value of investments and efforts - the point being the more one invests into a specific effort or project the harder it is for them to abandon it or write it off. (e.g. emotional investment deference)

suos cuique mos in   (motto in Latin)   -LINK-
The show must go on (Swedish Fighter Jet "ghost" Squadron No.1).

Super Pachanga   (restaurant mascot)  -LINK-
Big-eyed Fedora wearing mascot of La Pachanga in Havana, Cuba.

Super Squirrels   (military-fictional)
Nickname for Security Services assault-shock troops.  Their logo is a flying squirrel with a superman logo or just the superman logo with lighting bolts.

SWAG   (acronym)
Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

swingline   (military - fictional)
Nickname for dated cruiser design of the MAD that was the foundation of the SA battle platofrms and still used by the SS.

SYLN-b   (fictional cybernetic)
Symbiotically Linked Neuro-cybernetic - corporeal/physical cybernetic organism linked to a complex computer system such as the A.I. that controls a Battle Platform.  This physical-biological organism gives an A.I. the human experience and ability to interact as one—as opposed to the mechanical CLN (Cybernetically Linked Neuro-bot) androids made for "ghosts" that became illegal in almost all U.N. associated jurisdictions because of an infamous murder case.  In this instance the "b" SYLN for the SA are actual bio-bots and are considered alive.  The acronym for both CLN and SYLN were created to be pronounced "Cylon" for all the obvious reasons.




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_______________________________________________________[ 51 ]
T  "Tango"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter T.

TACGNOL   (internet meme)
Demonic reversie counterpoint to Long Cat meme (4chan)

tacnet   (technology-fictional)
Variant of the neuronet where the interface between technology and human beings is seamless.

TAG   (fictional SI time standard)
Galactic Atomic Time standard, in concert with the TAI standard, where the Ceasium-133 cycle is 9,192,631,808 for atomic clocks in static motionless space when compared to Earth TAI with a cycle ending in 770.  ASC is the Ceasium-133 analog signal, CAC is the digital representation of ASC, SNN (See SNN), and ACT being a new representation of Zulu time sepearate and not in synch with the UT (now UT8) standards.  (See chapter 45)

tah  or  ta   (Australian slang)
Thanks or Thank you.

Taiji   (philosophy - fictional planet)
Chinese philosophy from where Yin/Yang originate.  Fictional planet orbiting red dwarf, Siracha Mu, the companion star to hot-blue Nyx, 18 Tau.  Taiji is tidally locked with a hot and cold side, and nicknamed McDLT.

.tar   (open source compression format)
For "tape archive" aka tarball, a tar is a collection of files bundled into a single object for backup or distribution similar to a zip file.

Tareyton   (tobacco product - fictional region)
From Herbert Tareyton, London Cigarettes the brand expanded to the US with add copy reading, "Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch!"  Thinking this was the essence of the people on Taiji, it was disappointing to learn there was no such city or region in the United Kingdom.
NOTE: References the Meadows (region) Greens (golf complex) and the
            Keep (Anzac city south of the Greens).

TASC   (transportation fictional)
Taiji Air and Space Control.

Tasmanian Devil   (wild animal / star type)
Neutron Star remnant from Betelgeuse supernova - from the small ferocious marsupial predator noted for it's comedic portrayal in Warner Bros cartoons.

TCRE35-H   (fictional IAU classification)
Fictional IAU planet classification for Terrestrial, Captured, Retrograde, Eccentric orbit (rounded off to 35 degrees from the orbital plane) readily Habitable and in reference to planet Arrakis orbiting U-Tau-c.

TD   (Aviation notation)
Target Designation indicator - notation in combat HUD fighter interface identifying a hostile target, aka TD-Cue.

Te Aka Kai   (fictional island - Maori phrase)
The vine food (in re grapes) and name of the big island on Ngati Wha.

techlepathic   (science-fictional)
Telepathic communication with the aid of technology.

Technicolor   (theoretical physics)   -LINK-
Theories in physics that build off the Standard Model without the use of scalar Higgs fields.

temps immémorial   (legal phrase - French origin)
Time in memorial - more exactingly beyond the reach of memory or record, or from ancient origin.  Specifically denotes a right or benefit has existed for so long that the owner does not have to prove origin or proof of ownership.

Ten Klicks   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Angela Simmons awarded to her because she pulled off an impossible 10 kilometer (9,998 meters) shot with a BR1 rail gun.

Terence   (game character - diamond)   -LINK-
Character from the Angry Birds game series and name for "Barn Diamond" that was weaponized to impact Polaris Ab at greater than light speed.

t'es rien qu'un petit connard   (French insult)
You really are an asshole.

Tevat Noah   (biblical reference - fictional codename)
Codename for stowage facility on Polaris-B4 (Javan) durring planning and construction that was changed to the CDF codename, Fondue Pot.  Refers specifically to Noah's Ark.

Thin Blu   (military fictional)
A massive ordinance penetrator (MOP) bomb sporting a 2 tonne depleted uranium kinetic energy penetrator (KEP) nose with a trailing 1kt warhead.  This weapon has two solid rocket assists and can range in speeds from Mach-8 at a 16 alt-kilometer drop to Mach-26 from a 200 kilometer drop.
NOTE:  Also known as The Real Disney Swish.  See: TRDS

Third-Gen   (genetics-sexuality)   -LINK-
For third-gender, people know as hermaphrodites, they retain most the features of one gender, but have gentiles of the opposing, or of both male and female genders.  The most common variant are women with male genetalia.  Note that 3G's are often mistaken as transexuals.

throw about   (Aussie slang)
Reckless or flaunting behavior or mannor (usually with money).

Tiger Bitch   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Maria Ramirez awarded to her because she is ferocious and never lost a fight in training or during her early career as a corporal.  This sign was optioned because Babe Satan was already in use.

Tigger   (fictional code name)
Secret Service call sign for Maria Ramirez.

Tilak   (Hindi ceremony)   -LINK-
Traditional Hindu ceremony preceding the actual wedding that involves exchanging gifts between the groom and the bride's father.

Tilly, Jennifer   (entertainment-film)
Actress known for her voluptuous "sex-kitten" act and Betty Boop voice.

Timex Bunny   (mixed reference)
Cross over of cultural references (Timex watches and Eveready Bunny) that became a mixed reference that stuck.  (See: Authors Notes 4)

tits   (common urban slang)
Relating to women's breasts, it refers to something being inordinately cool, awesome and/or joyful as in, e.g., it's, the, it's the, or that's (said) tits.

TLYLT   (fictional UN treaty)
Thousand Light Year Limitation Treaty - UN inclusion zone treaty limiting human expansion and exploration to ntx 1,000 light years from Earth and used specifically as a cover to the imposed Nefer Key limitation.

TMZ   (entertainment-television)
Thirty Mile Zone - popular paparazzi program.

TO   (military / government)
1. Target and Objective.  2. Target of Opportunity.   3. (old) Table of Organization.

to lie in the grass   (games-STALKER)   -LINK- -LINK-
Best of all possible endings for the protagonist, Strelok, in the insanely difficult video game STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.  The Russian IP (movie and game) were inspired by the book Roadside Picnic.

tockley   (Ausstralian slang)
Aussie for cock (penis).

todo para Dios, y nada para el Diablo   (Spanish)
All for God, and nothing for the Devil.

Tommy's   (Los Angeles restaurant)   -LINK-
Tommy's Burgers is a long standing burger joint in Los Angeles that is now a chain expanding outside of California.

Ton, The   (British society)
Proper for le bon ton (good manners) refers to Britian's high society and top of rigid caste system, aka the Upper Ten-Thousand in American parlance.

tonne   (weights and measures)
Metric ton equalling 1000 kilograms.

torpedo   (fictional)
Designer drug used to enhance sexual pleasure for both sexes.  Taken orally or as a suppository.

Toubon   (France-law)   -LINK-
Law mandating the use of French in many aspects of French society and government—much to the delight of Académie française.

TOZ, The   (sports region)
Tee Off Zone - ideal golfing region on Taiji in the perma-sunset band from equatorial 90° to Sriracha Mu Terminator (local horizon) at 98° right before the Civil Twilight zone.

T'Pol   (entertainment-scifi)
Character from Star Trek Enterprise played by Jolene Blalock.

TPZ   (fictional zone)
Thirty Parcec Zone - area around the Earth system (Sol) from which the United Nations has control and the territories outside it may opt out.

trace italienne   (French - military)
Italian outline - in re the bastion fortification that became all the rage in Europe by the 16th century.  Note that it was the Italians who were the preeminent designers of the bastion fortresses of the day.

trash run   (military-slang)
Early to late morning logistical support mission or drop.

TRDS   (military fictional)
The Real Disney Swish - actual MOP bomb in counterpoint to the 30mm rail launched 2k-kge bomb.  See:  Thin Blu.

Tribune   (Roman/Nefer Key office)
Representatives of the military as well as human inhabitants to the Council of Censors.  This honor is mostly advisory but holds the Council in check in re use of their military forces.  As of book 5 the Tribunes consist of Charles, Maat and Lilith.  Note that Tribunes are represented by the Roman Fasces which consists of an axe or pole-arm bound/frogged with wooden rods.

Trung Sisters   (historical-reference)
Sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, who led a rebellion against the Chinese for three years becoming heroines in modern day Vietnam.  Names of the destroyed Battle Platforms SA34 and SA35.

Tu   (Maori tradition)
Short for Tumatauenga, of the antry face, is a primary deity in Maori mythology for war, hunting, and other activities.  In story it's the name of the primary A-star of the 51-Tau system.

tu me manques   (French-colloquial)
You are absent (or) missing from me - alternate to english "I miss you".

twilight-360   (orbital dynamics)
See: high-moon.

Two-Up   (RSL game)
Australian bar game with players betting heads or tails on 3 coins tossed in the air.  The players hold their bets by their head or ass.




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_______________________________________________________[ 14 ]
U  "Uniform"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter U.

U Can't Touch This   (hip-hop single)   -LINK-
Top 40 hit from 1990 by MC Hammer on his album Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em.  There was an infringment suit with Rick James' in re riff and beat for his song "Super Freak" from 1981–which is why the author has Angela sing out about her stanky breath in time with Super Freak.

U-e   (Maori)
Maori for "indeed". (See: Aue Hi)

ullage   (rocket sciences)
An "ullage" call-out indicates zero-g maneuver, usually with tiny solid fuel rockets, to impart faux gravity and sink liquid fuel to bottom of the tanks so that the pumps can pick it up and initiate a burn with the main engines.  In story this is acomplished with AG nodes beside the tanks.

UN   (international relations)
United Nations.  Assembly of ambassadors (missions) from member states.  183 member states and 2 observers states as of 1998.  The observer missions are Switzerland and The Holy See.

un autre chapitre à la Chanson de Geste   (French)
Yet another chapter to the songs (i.e. chronicals) of heroic deeds.

UNDRIP   (UN resolution)
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - was updated to include non-interfearance (i.e. Prime Directive) language.

un merdeux   (French insult)
A little shit - similar to quelle petite merde.

UNOOSA   (international relations)
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

Urchin Gnome   (military-fictional)
Code name for United Nations. NOTE: In the story the code name was assigned unaware of the true spelling of the word Gnome.

USD   (currency notation)
United States Dollar.

UT8   (fictional SI time standard)
Coordinated Universal Time - 8th Itteration. Note that the current UTC standard (previously GMT) is now the UT1 standard. (See Zulu) 

Ute   (abbreviation)
For "utility" a Ute in industry specifically references a utility vehicle.

U-Turn   (astronomy - fictional locale)
Rendezvous and holding point out by HIP-27427 also known as U-Ey.




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_______________________________________________________[ 26 ]
V  "Victor"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter V.

va te faire enculer   (French-slang)
Go get fucked in the ass.

vaca marrón   (Spanish translation)
Brown Cow - coctail consisting of milk and Khalua (Khalua y leche) and sometimes spiked with vodka.

vache noire   (French translation)
Black Cow - domesticated Nefer Key bison like creature from Dolphin Reel.

Vader   (SA call sign)
Call sign for Scott Rutledge awarded to him because he sounded like Darth Vader in his JACC and over the radio during flight training.

vaffanculo   (Italian slang)
Fuck you or fuck off.

Vandenburg   (military-aviation)
Launch facility along the California coast.  Usually launches for the U.S. Military as well as NASA missions requiring a polar orbit.

VAWT   (electrical engineering)
Vertical Air Wind Turbine - generation fan.

VC   (military designation)
VIP / Cargo - United States Air Force designation for Air Force One.

vector   (aviation-navigation)
Navigational angle of direction.

Vengeance is mine...   (biblical reference - ESV)
Deuteronomy 32:35 - Vengence is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly.

Ventress, Asajj   (fictional character)
A Dark Force character from the Star Wars universe.  In the story personal neuronet interactive AI will have an avatar of one's choosing with most being fictional characters that have been fetishized—with Ahsoka Tano being the most popular.  Jacob preferred the edgier look and personality of Ventress when he was a kid and this carried over to his ChiP as an adult.

Verdun salient   (military history)   -LINK-
Battle on the Western Front in WWI.

VFOC and/or VFOM   (agricultural science)
Vertical Farming Operations Commercial or M for Mobile - Highly controlled envrironmental agricultural operations that take both the human element and high costs out of food production.  Meat for cultured production is humanely sourced from animals bred for alive "low impact" tissue-sample harvesting.

VFR   (aviation)
Visual Flight Rules.

VI   (military)
Visual Inspection (aka Victor-Idaho/Ida/India).

Village Inn   (fictional mission codename)
Codename for the tragic Nu Ari (aka Nu Ara) mission preceeding the first book.  Because of it's notoriety as a restaurant chain the intel community called it things like, e.g. Virtual Indigestion or Vacuous Infidel, etc.

Virgil Fox   (musician)
American Master of the cathedral heavy-pipe organ.

virtual particle   (science-quantum mechanics)
Particle and antiparticle pairs that pop into existance and annihilate each other in approximately 10-25 seconds.  Virtual particles can be observed by the Casimir effect.  The particle emissions (grayness) of a black hole is believed to be virtual partile pairs stripped from each other at the event horizon.

Volvo-White   (truck brand)
Over the road truck manufacturer who makes a very forgiving driving truck with a rediculous number of available accessories when ordering.

vora   (psychology-fetish)
Latin origin for vorous, a freakishly excessive sexual fetish involving the eating of others or being eaten in part or in whole.  This ties directly in with the guro sexual fetish which deals with mutilation, evisceration and even dismemberment leading to orgasim and death.

Vorpal   (weapon - literature)
In re the Vorpal Sword, the mythical weapon from Lewis Caroll's poem, Jabberwocky.  Name given to Piper's Barrett M95 rifle used to kill Bobby, aka Blue Boy.

VR   (military)
Visual Reconnaissance (aka Victor-Romeo).

vraie   (French - feminine)
True - as opposed to masculine vrai.

VTOL   (aviation)
Vertical Take Off and Landing.

Vulpis velox Sapphireous   (Genus wordplay)
Sapphire Swift Fox - and nickname of Sian Diego Ramirez-Graves in her baseball little league.




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_______________________________________________________[ 21 ]
W  "Whiskey"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter W.

w00t   (internet-slang)
A cheer in gaming that stands for "We Own the Other Team!"  Note that the "oh's" are actually zeros, and was the first word in history added to the dictionary with numbers in its spelling.

Wabbit   (character - call sign)
Reference to Buggs Bunny and call sign for Usagi Yamamoto.  Note that Usagi is Japanese for rabbit.

WAD   (system file packaging)
Where's All the Data - format bundling multiple files and file types into single object originally used in DOOM that found commerical use in FTP.  In story its used to update a "ghost" with memories of other instances/activities.

Wagyl   (fictional planet / diety)
Rainbow Serpent, of the Aboriginal Noongar, is name of star HIP-17900.

Wagylday   (fictional day of week - 83-Tau)
See:  Prypiat

waldo   (science)
Old style slang for remotely manipulated robotic arms.

wecg   (Old English/Saxxon)
Old English for "wedge" related to Saxxon/German variants.

Weinberg, Steve   (theoretical physics)   -LINK-
Physicist and Nobel laureate known for his work on the Standard Model and Technicolor theories to name a few.

WEP   (military-aviation)
War Emergency Power - archaic term for a throttle setting that exceeds normal (maximum) performance parameters.  Note that in our modern jet aircraft we have afterburners, but this returns with QP engines in story.

wet dream   (neuronet-fictional)
Passive sexual encounter recorded and experienced through the neuronet interface.

Whistling Straights   (golf course)
High end golf course in Sheboygan Wisconson, and noted for it's difficulty.  The notorious 18th hole being coined Dyeabolical.  See: Dye-Abolical

who's on first?   (entertainment-comedy)   -LINK-
Comedy bit from Abbott and Costello where they identify the members of a baseball team with names such as Who, What, and I don't know!

WIA   (military)
Wounded In Action

Winchester   (aviation slang)
Combat radio slang for "out of ammo" or stores.

Wild Weasel   (military-air combat)   -LINK-   -LINK-   -LINK-
Suppression of enemy air defense(s) mission (SEAD) where pilots will troll and bait SAM and gunner positions to fire so they can target them in turn.  In air combat, because of the risks, these pilots are brass-balled gods.

wobblies   (obscure slang)
Genitals, in reference to one's genitalia.

wooly or woolies   (tank nickname)
Annex expression for their Wolverine tanks.

wonton   (fictional-military)
SA bomb/grenade for "one tonne" in explosive yeild.

WSO   (military-aviation)
Weapons Systems Operator/Officer - pernounced "wizzo" this person handles most weapons deployment during a fighter or attack sortie.  In this story the WSO function is managed by A.I. or "ghosts" (e.g. Bud) and is an actual position on gunship ops (i.e. Warthogs).

WormTrac   (military-fictional)
Wormhole/virtual particle Tracking.  An array that tracks the direction virtual-particles originate from and identifies the wornhole pathway. The triangulation from various arrays pinpoint the location of target.




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________________________________________________________[ 6 ]
X  "X-Ray"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter X.

or  X'er   (bio-gender identity)   -LINK-
A biological cross-gender construct where the subject is physiologically and outwardly-female while having developed male genitalia, or visa-versa.  "X" is either a cultural identifier for cross-mixed gender (e.g. Japan) or legal flag for indeterminate gender as with passports (i.e. Australia & New Zealand).  Also known as Intersex or Hijra, Buck Angel (link above) is an example of an outward male w/female genitalia.  (see: Third-Gen)

Xena   (fictional AI)
Artificial Intelligence originally for unmanned fighters and now used for bots (e.g. combat droids) like the Hydra missile.  It has a collective (networked) interface that all instances learn from.

xeno   (fictional movie IP)   -LINK-
For xenomorph this is the monster from the Alien movie franchise. 

Xhemal sapian   (fictional alien)
Quarter-ton, feathered (Jamal) raptors form Second Hand.

XO   (military)
Executive Officer.




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_______________________________________________________[ 16 ]
Y  "Yankee"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter Y.

ya amar   (arabic phrase)
My moon - arabic term of endearment.

Yapet   (fictional name of star)
Also known as Japheth, was the son of the biblical Noah and codename for the star Polaris-B.

Yard, The   (fictional code name)
CXi code name for the nebula hidden resource heavy space surrounding the red dwarf, One-Eighty, out at U-Turn.

yard dog   (industry-transportation)
1. Guard dog.  2. Transportation term for non-road legal tractor or locomotive used for hossling or other support type work.

YDF   (fictional defense org)
Yowie Defense Force from 95-Tau.

Ye Banks and Braes   (Scottish song)
Popular traditional Scots folksong lamenting the beauty of the riverbanks and hills of a region called Doon and a lost love.

Yellow Jacket   (fictional weapon)
SA mod of the SCC Hornet missile.  See: Hornet.

YGBSM   (motto)
You Gotta Be Shitting Me - motto of the Wild Weasel SEAD anti-AAA mission groups.

Yhi   (fictional star name)
Name for star HIP 17999.  Aboriginal solar goddess of light and creation.

YHWH   (ancient diety)
Tetragrammaton of the Hebrew god Yahuveh meaning "to be" or "to exist".  (see: lesser yhwh, the)

Yi Sun-Sin   (Korean hero)   -LINK-
Known as Admiral Yi, he destroyed a Japanese invasion fleet in 1598.

yomp   (military slang)
British slang for to hike or march, or to hump as in US military parlance.

Yowie   (Aboriginal demon)
Name of star for 95-Tau, and named after the aboriginal beast.

yubikiri   (Japanese oath)
The finger cut-off oath - the Nippon equivalency to the "pinky-promise."

Yunga   (fictional planet)
Name of planet orbiting HIP-17900 and named after Aboriginal Noongar region of Australia.




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_______________________________________________________[ 14 ]
Z  "Zulu"  (radio speak)
NATO phonetic code spoken for the letter Z.

za fstryé-tchoo   (Russian toast)
To our meeting.

za zda-ró-vye   (Russian toast)
To your health.

Zadok the Priest   (music - British anthem)   -LINK-
Traditional coronation choral composed by Handal.

zajebiste   (Polish-slang)
Ill defined vulgar colloquialism best translated as "fucking awesome."

Zaouli   (African dance)   -LINK-   -LINK-
Traditional dance of the Guro people on the Ivory Coast of Africa.

Zemlya Dva   (fictional planet)
Phonetic translation of the Russian, Earth Two, in orbit around Baby-Prime in the Primus Hyadum system, 54 Tau, and commonly referred to as GTB6.

zipper   (military slang)   -LINK- -6:25- -LINK-
Rarly used nickname for the A10, in the story a "zipper" is any ship utilized for ground support gun runs.  The F303 was called "Pimzy" for PMZ (or Post Mortem Zipper) and the stretched out F308 was coined "Whispering Death" because you couldn't hear the damned thing come and were killed before hearing the zip/rip of the gun.  The HWG99 is the "Zipper Fest" because it has 4 heavy rotary cannon in this roll.
NOTE:  Call sign of Taiji general, Ngô Vãn Giáp.

Zmeu   (demon-Eastern Europe)   -LINK-
Romainian vampire that enters rooms of sleeping women at night to seduce them.  A shapeshifter whose natural form is that of a dragon.  Name of star 83-Tau (SAO-93979).

Zone Of Avoidance - ZOA   (astronomy)
Area of space obscured by the nebula of the Milky Way that includies various galaxies, superclusters and the Great Attractor.

zoomie   (aircraft or aviator)
1. Suborbital high Mach limo/coach on Taiji identical to the Mach-Glider on Earth, or   2. Fighter pilot - originally from the US Air Force Academy.

Zoot Suit   (fashion-subculture / nickname)   -LINK-
Baggy but stylish suit from the 1930's and '40's considered rebellious.  Nickname of notorious mobster/killer "Pete Suiters."

zulu time   (SI industry standard)   -LINK-
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) at 0 longitude in Greenwich England and most commonly used by the military and aviation industry.  The designation has since transitioned to the UTC standard (now UT1), yet for this series it was moved to the fictional ACT output of the TAG standard.  (See TAG)

zygomatic   (medical-anatomy)
Bones below and to the outside of the orbits of the eye.



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